EXCLUSIVE: Umbrella Academy Is The Biggest Digital Show In The US

Umbrella Academy on Netflix

Netflix's newest comic book adaptation, The Umbrella Academy, is currently the biggest digital series in the United States. Inspired by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá's beloved comic book miniseriesThe Umbrella Academy is a powerful, character-driven series that, despite only premiering on February 15, has all the signs of a major hit.

The Umbrella Academy begins with the birth of 43 super-powered babies, children of women who had previously shown no sign of being pregnant. Sir Reginald Hargreeves, an eccentric billionaire, traveled the globe to collect as many of these babies as possible; he believed they had remarkable potential. Hargreeves succeeded in adopting just seven of them, and he brought them in up in the Umbrella Academy, where he trained them to use their powers to save the world. A harsh, unloving taskmaster, Hargreeves was a poor father-figure, and as a result all seven of the kids grew up to be emotionally stunted and deeply troubled. The Umbrella Academy is the story of how these would-be superheroes react to an impending apocalypse - one that comes from a shocking source.

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Parrot Analytics, a data analytics firm who believe they offer the most accurate measure of demand for TV worldwide, has provided Screen Rant with exclusive data on just how successful The Umbrella Academy has been in its opening weekend. According to Parrot, The Umbrella Academy is currently the number one digital original in the United States. Demand grew exponentially over the weekend, as shown in this chart, which compares The Umbrella Academy to the rest of the current top 10.

Umbrella Academy Popularity

In statistical terms, at present demand for The Umbrella Academy is over 21 times that of the average title, meaning it's in the top 0.03 percent of all TV shows. Understandably, Parrot describes that kind of performance as simply "outstanding." What's more, Parrot is picking up widespread global demand, particularly in English markets but also in Latin American markets such as Brazil and Argentina. The series is gaining significant traction in Germany and Italy.

It's clear that Netflix has another hit on their hands. Of course, demand for every show tends to increase around the release of a new season, and then returns to a base level. Only the most popular series, such as Stranger Things, find a base within the top 10, so it will be fascinating to see how The Umbrella Academy performs in the longer term. A second season has yet to be confirmed, but given this performance and season 1's cliffhanger ending, it's surely just a matter of time before there's an official announcement.

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