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Umbrella Academy Cast Characters Powers

Netflix's new original series The Umbrella Academy features an extremely dysfunctional family of super-powered individuals, so we've put together a guide to the characters, their unique powers, and the cast of actors who play them. Created for TV by Steve Blackman and based on the graphic novels by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, The Umbrella Academy begins with 43 women suddenly giving birth on the same day all over the world... despite not having been pregnant.

Fascinated by this mass immaculate conception, wealthy scientist Sir Reginald Hargreeves manages to buy seven of the children and adopt them as his own, to be molded into a superhero team. Each member of the Umbrella Academy has unique abilities, and together they can become a formidable crime-fighting force. However, their less-than-ideal upbringing means that they all grow up a little bit broken, and when they are brought back together for Sir Reginald's funeral, they're definitely not the united front they once were.

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The Umbrella Academy will have to overcome their differences, however, because their lost sibling Five has just returned from the future with bad news: the world is going to end in five days, and they're the only ones who can stop it. Strap in for mystery, action, and impromptu dance parties, and check out our guide to the cast, characters, and superpowers of The Umbrella Academy.

Number One: Luther - Tom Hopper

The Umbrella Academy - Luther

Ostensibly the leader of the Umbrella Academy, Luther has spent the past four years on a mission to the moon, collecting rocks and putting together reports for Sir Reginald and sending them back to Earth. However, Luther is called home by the death of his father and reunited with his siblings, who are surprised at how big he has gotten since they last saw him. Of all the members of the Umbrella Academy, Luther is the most loyal to their father and stuck around as his brothers and sisters drifted away, until he was the only member of the superhero team left.

Powers: Super-strength and durability.

Number Two: Diego - David Castañeda

The Umbrella Academy - David Castaneda as Diego

Though he may have left the Umbrella Academy behind, Diego has put his superhero training to good use. After being kicked out of the Police Academy, Diego took up his domino mask and a leather outfit and became a vigilante crime-fighter - much to the chagrin of his ex-girlfriend, Detective Patch. As the Umbrella Academy's Number Two, Diego often gets caught up in posturing and power struggles with Luther.

Powers: Can throw any object with deadly accuracy, curving it through the air to find its target.

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Number Three: Allison - Emmy Raver-Lampman

The Umbrella Academy - Allison

Allison is by far the most famous member of the Umbrella Academy, having made a successful career for herself as a movie star that built off her existing celebrity as a child superhero. Allison used her powers to get herself pretty much anything she wanted, from the perfect role to the perfect husband, but her reliance on her powers eventually backfired, leaving her divorced and without custody of her daughter, Claire. Out of all her siblings, Allison is closest to Luther, though when the series begins they haven't seen each other for years.

Powers: Can control minds with the phrase, "I heard a rumor..."

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Number Four: Klaus - Robert Sheehan

The Umbrella Academy - Klaus

Flamboyant chatterbox Klaus is heavily addicted to both drugs and alcohol, with no interest in getting clean. His superpower causes the dead to manifest around him and talk to him, still carrying the wounds that killed them, which was understandably traumatic for him as a young boy. To make matters worse, Reginald Hargreeves pushed Klaus to use his powers, at one point locking him up in a mausoleum all night to try and cure him of his fear of the dead. As an adult, Klaus has more or less embraced his status as the family screw-up.

Powers: Can see and talk to the dead.

Number Five: "Five" - Aidan Gallagher

The Umbrella Academy - Five

Five, who was never given a real name, has been missing since the age of 13 after his first attempt at jumping through time landed him in a post-apocalyptic future. After a lifetime spent wandering through the wasteland, Five eventually found his way into a position where he had a shot at returning to his own time. He returns a mere eight days before the impending apocalypse, now an old man in a teenage boy's body, with only a scant handful of clues as to how the end of the world happens, and how he and his siblings might be able to prevent it.

Powers: Can jump through time and space.

Number Seven: Vanya - Ellen Page

The Umbrella Academy - Vanya

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead!

Played by Ellen Page, Vanya has the unfortunate distinction of being the only member of an extraordinary family who's entirely ordinary. Reginald Hargreeves kept her largely separated from her siblings when they were children, keeping her by his side as an assistant of sorts while her super-powered brothers and sister trained for battle. When the series begins, Vanya is estranged from the rest of the family due to the fact that she wrote a memoir about her childhood, baring the Umbrella Academy's secrets and dysfunctions to the world. In an effort to excel at something, Vanya has dedicated her life to the violin, giving lessons to children and playing the violin in an orchestra.

Powers: Vanya is actually the most powerful member of the Umbrella Academy - so powerful, in fact, that Reginald Hargreeves decided it wasn't safe to allow her to know about or use her powers. Vanya has potentially cataclysmic telekinetic abilities, which she generates by focusing on sound waves - whether it's something as simple as the sound of an engine running, or something as complex as a violin solo. In addition to using her abilities to flip cars or throw people around, Vanya can also use them to entrance - as seen when she captures the attention of the music director at her audition.

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Number Six: Ben - Justin H. Min

One of the surprise reveals in The Umbrella Academy episode 1, "We Only See Each Other At Weddings and Funerals," is that Number Six a.k.a. Ben is still around... sort of. Though he was killed as a young adult in an unnamed accident, Ben more or less permanently hangs around with Klaus, the only member of the Umbrella Academy who can still see him. Ben effectively serves as Klaus' conscience, watching his self-destructive lifestyle with exasperation and frequently encouraging him to choose a better path.

Powers: Can project deadly and powerful tentacles from his chest.

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