Ultron Creates His Own Planet in Marvel's Universe

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Infinity Countdown #2


Marvel's Infinity Countdown #2 sees some of the Infinity Stones change hands—or in the case of Ultron and Silver Surfer, change heads. With Avengers: Infinity War right around the corner, Marvel has been uniting the heroes and villains of the comics for a cosmic quest to obtain the powerful gems. The Infinity Gems locations have already changed a few times since things kicked off, and it looks as if that trend will continue each month. Logan gave Black Widow the Space Stone and the Ultron/Hank Pym hybrid gained the Soul Stone—but things are getting even stranger.

While a talking Groot and the Guardians of the Galaxy joined up with the Nova Corps to protect the planet-sized Power Stone, Adam Warlock emerged from his tomb in Egypt and set out to find the Soul Stone he's always been tied to. He heard from Kang that his alter-ego Magus was also in pursuit, but Warlock now has a bigger problem. In Infinity Countdown: Prime #1, Ultron returned and killed Magus, taking the Soul Stone for himself. But it turns out he's not planning on keeping it.

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Infinity Countdown #2 follows Warlock as he pursues Magus and the Soul Stone. What he finds instead is a planet filled with Ultrons. It turns out, Pym has been busy crafting an entire Ultron planet, filled to the brim with his offshoots.

Warlock is able to overcome the Ultron drones and take in just what a planet crafted by the villain would look like. And as he finally sets upon Ultron Prime, he doesn't find him sitting on a throne. Instead, Ultron and his minions are hard at work implanting the Soul Stone into Silver Surfer.

It's not clear how a being as powerful as the Surfer was captured, but it wouldn't be an Infinity Stones-related event without him. It's also intriguing to see the Soul Stone attached to him in a method similar to how the Vision of the MCU uses the Mind Stone. And of course, Warlock's time with the Soul Stone helped to make him the character he is today. While the Silver Surfer has been learning to become more human in his adventures with his friend Dawn across the galaxy, it will be interesting to see how he's affected by the Soul Stone. Especially as the real Hank Pym and an ancient Gamora were last seen inhabiting Soul World within the Stone.

While the Infinity Stones continue to move from one player to another, the titular countdown is actually leading to a bigger event. Marvel has a new Infinity Wars comic on the horizon, to further take advantage of the upcoming film and continue their habit of big summer events. It's unclear what this is all building towards, but with a Fresh Start promised in the comics and new titles coming in a few months, expect the Marvel Universe to once again be upended by the Infinity Stones.

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Infinity Countdown #2 is available from Marvel and comic book retailers.

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