'Ultimate Spider-Man' Trailer: Fun-Looking Spider-Man Cartoon

Ultimate Spider-Man Trailer

While Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man won't be hitting movie theaters until early July, Ultimate Spider-Man – Marvel's new animated series – is premiering on Disney XD in less than a month.

Today, a nearly three-minute long trailer for the forthcoming series was released on Marvel's website, with an extended look at Spider-Man's friends, foes, and his new suit of spider-armor (the same suit of armor created by Tony Stark in the comics during the mid '00s).

The Ultimate Spider-Man trailer shows us a Spider-Man (voice of Drake Bell) who vaguely exists in the world created in the various Marvel superhero films of the past five years, including Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and the upcoming The Avengers.

Iron Spider Armor Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon

Nick Fury (Chi McBride) is Spider-Man's mentor, preparing him to be the best supehero he can be -- and maybe even an Avenger someday? Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) is undercover as Spider-Man's principal. Peter Parker's boss, J. Jonah Jameson, is played by the beloved J.K. Simmons, who also played the character in Sam Raimi's films. Plus, Doctor Doom shows up, which is always a good time.

Check out the trailer below:

So far, the show looks like a healthy combination of continuity from the classic 616 Marvel universe and the more modern Ultimate universe, with a style more reminiscent of your typical Saturday morning cartoon. As a huge, huge fan of Sony's cancelled  Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon, I wasn't exactly thrilled when I heard they were making an entirely new cartoon instead – though hiring Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series) to help guide the show was certainly a step in the right direction.

Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon Peter Parker

That said, the footage we've seen so far – in this trailer, the Nick Fury clip we posted last week, and at NYCC – looks to be extremely fun, extremely energetic, and best of all, genuinely funny.  If there are any remaining concerns, it's that the trailer is a bit too energetic, like a '90s cartoon that's trying to be "extreme" (count the number of times "ultimate" is shouted at the viewer).  However, at this point, I'm willing to chalk that up to overly zealous advertising.

Ultimate Spider-Man premieres on Disney XD @11am on April, 1st. Will you be watching, Screen Ranters?


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Source: Marvel Dot Com

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