Ultimate Spider-Man Finale Teased in New Video

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man will say goodbye to viewers after the finale of its fourth season, also known as Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six. After producing more episodes than any other Spider-Man animated series, Ultimate Spider-Man will give way to the brand-new Marvel’s Spider-Man that premieres on Disney XD later in 2017.

But first, the two-part finale of Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six will air on Disney XD on January 7, bringing an end to the show's impressive four-year run. The cast and crew of Ultimate Spider-Man, which will have aired a total of 104 episodes once the finale hits the small screen, was able to get together to reflect on their experience making the show a reality over the past four years. Marvel Entertainment then revealed their final thoughts on the show in a newly-released featurette.

Marvel Entertainment posted the two-minute video to its YouTube page on Wednesday, showcasing clips from Ultimate Spider-Man and comments from Drake Bell, who stars in the title role, among others. Here’s what Bell had to say about his experience:

“I would just say that it was awesome being able to play this character. I grew up being a comic book fan and a big Spider-Man fan, so to actually hear that I’m going to get to lend my voice to such an iconic character was pretty mind-blowing.”

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man

Co-executive producer Eric Radomski added how grateful his production team was to be able to tell its own unique version of Spider-Man stories for four seasons, let alone one:

“The best compliment is to have the studio allow to grow after one series and blossom into the production that we’ve become. So, hats off to all the folks that gave us a chance.”

Despite largely receiving mixed reviews from critics, Ultimate Spider-Man can be considered a major success for merely being able to stretch its narratives into four seasons and 104 episodes. For comparison’s sake, the ‘90s version of the Spider-Man animated series spanned five seasons from 1994-98, but only 65 episodes. Reaching over a hundred episodes is not easy to do for any animated series, even for a massively popular franchise such as Spider-Man.

As merely the newest of many different animated series in the franchise, the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man will have plenty of predecessors to be compared to when it premieres. In terms of longevity, it has a tough act to follow with Ultimate Spider-Man. Nevertheless, the continued popularity of the larger Spider-Man franchise gives the next animated TV show a chance to be as successful as any.

Source: Marvel Entertainment

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