Here's What Makes The Ultimate Predator So Lethal

Ultimate Predator in The Predator

A new featurette for The Predator breaks down what makes the movie’s Ultimate Predator such a deadly foe. The original Predator pitted Arnold Schwarzenegger against the titular alien, who arrives on Earth to hunt down human prey. The movie’s unique blend of action and horror – combined with a great creature and comedy one-liners – has seen it become a genre classic, but the rest of the series is something of a mixed bag.

Predator 2 expanded the mythology of the franchise in addition to featuring some great action scenes, but the movie followed the same basic structure as the original, and while Danny Glover was fun in the lead role he lacked Arnie’s charisma. Alien Vs Predator was a project fans were eager to see for many years, but the resulting 2004 movie disappointed many with its PG-13 rating and flat characters; it’s 2008 sequel Requiem is easily considered the worst entry in either franchise. Finally, Predators saw a group of killers and assassins brought to a Predator game planet. A solid cast and a surprisingly good script made for a fun sequel, but it wasn’t a big enough hit for the studio to push for a direct follow-up.

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The Predator is aiming to reinvent the franchise for a new generation and Shane Black’s sequel has added the meta touch of featuring a literal upgraded Predator. The Ultimate Predator serves as the movie’s main antagonist, and a new featurette from IGN explains what makes it so deadly.

The Ultimate Predator stands 11 feet tall and is made up from the collective DNA of the most lethal species the Predators have hunted, and comes with impenetrable, organic armor. The Predator will also feature Predator hunting dogs dubbed Hell Hounds, and while the original version of the movie was said to feature other hybrid creatures, it appears most of them have been removed from the final edit.

The Predator underwent widely reported reshoots earlier this year, and it was later revealed the third act had been almost completely reshot. The original climax took place during the day, but in the edit director Shane Black realised it wasn’t tense enough, so the scene was reworked. A major action scene featuring an armored vehicle and a character played by Edward James Olmos were also removed, but despite the amount of footage left on the cutting room floor, Black doubts a different cut will be made available on home video.

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Source: IGN

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