The Ultimate Lost Gift Guide

For Lost fans, it's been a while since they could get their fix of the specific flavor of sci-fi, romance and mystery that only the series could create. Whenever they find themselves on a rough plane ride or looking at a sandy beach, they may think back fondly on a time when they could get regular content surrounding Hurley, Jack and the rest of their favorites.

With plenty of ways to enjoy the magic once again, from a binge-watch of the complete series box set to books that delve back into the Lost universe, you will have plenty of choices for Lost fan gifts. Show your loved one that you understand their pain, by gifting them one or more of these fun treats.

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10 Sawyer Funko Pop


This Funko Pop features 'Sawyer' James Ford, in all of his trademark rugged handsomeness. His glasses are tucked into his shirt pocket and his jeans are ripped. He holds a book with a bunny on the cover, which one can assume to be a copy of Watership Down.

Sawyer was first seen reading the book when he refused to follow Jack's advice and move to the caves, instead hanging back at the beach. Of this book, Sawyer quips to Kate, "Helluva book. It's about bunnies," one of his many quotable moments. The Pop stands 3 3/4 inches tall, and looks amazing on a desk, shelf, or next to a sandy beach.

9 Swan Dharma Initiative Mug


The Swan, more often referred to as The Hatch, was a below-ground facility built by the DHARMA initiative, to act as a laboratory and manipulate the electromagnetics of the island. This DHARMA initiative mug features the logo on one side, with a very fastidious labeling on the other side, reading, "DHARMA initiative coffee mug, 15. oz," accompanied by some different codes.

Lost fans can fantasize about working for the research initiative with this mug, keeping it at work, or handy for a relaxing hot tea at home. The mug has an easy-grip handle and is available with a white or black interior, or in a mega version that holds 20 ounces.

8 The Lost Chronicles: The Official Companion Book


This book covers early episodes of the show from the entire first season, with details about hidden secrets, backstories and plot twists. Words straight from director J.J. Abrams, as well as cast members and writers, are also included.

As a bonus, the book comes with a DVD, containing deleted scenes from the show that never aired. In each episode guide, one character is also featured, with a background story and additional details. This is a great gift for a fan of Lost who also loves things like trivia and behind-the-scenes details, as this will allow them to be pulled a little bit deeper into the eye of the storm.

7 DHARMA Staff Logo T-Shirt


This is another item essential to anyone who fantasizes about what it might be like working as a scientist or researcher for the DHARMA initiative, hidden beneath ground in The Hatch. The shirt is grey, with the DHARMA design printed on the front.

The shirt is 100% cotton, great for both cold and hot weather and the most breathable material for t-shirts that you can find. The sizing is in men's, while the cut is a unisex style. This is an excellent gift for a Lost fan who wants to subtly nod to their favorite show, in a way that only other fans will recognize.

6 Jack Shephard Funko Pop


As the leader of the group on the island and the character with the most initiative, having a figure of Jack Shephard around is likely to be both motivational and comforting. He appears here with his backpack and short sleeves, stubble forming around his face and a worried, but determined, look in his eyes.

The tattoo on his left arm adds great detail and specificity. He is a great companion to other figures from the Funko Pop Lost series, or a perfect stand-alone representative of the show within a collection of Funko Pops. Help your fan keep Jack nearby with this detailed and colorful figure.

5 Lost Encyclopedia


Spanning all six seasons of the Lost series, this book covers everything a fan could want to know, while also acting as a refresher on the series and all of the memories it encompasses. The 404 pages feature over 1500 images, with comprehensive information on characters, items, plots, locations and mythologies.

The beginning contains a foreword by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, writers from the show, and the book is large and hefty, making it a great coffee table book to spark conversation. Give this to your favorite Lost fan so they can nerd out a little bit on everything the Lost universe contains.

4 Diecast DHARMA Van


This van replicates a vehicle used by the DHARMA initiative to travel around the island. It is a 1:64 scale model of a 1971 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus. It is limited edition and made of Diecast metal, higher quality than other models or toy vehicles.

The tires on the van are made of real rubber, and the interior is detailed just as much as the exterior of the van. This is appropriate for ages 8 and up, making it a great high-end toy for a young fan, or an excellent ornament for an older fan to drive around their cubicle.

3 Lost: The Game


This is a light, fun strategy game based on the show, for players aged 12 and up, in a group of 2 to 8 people. The objective is to lead a tribe while neutralizing the opposition. Players take on the role of a character from the show, choosing from 17 options including Sawyer, Libby and Walt. In character, players travel around the island, made by a board of hexagonal cards, similar to Settlers of Catan.

Players recruit tribe members to lead, encounter challenges that they must beat and try to trap the other players' characters. This is a great game for reliving the narrative of Lost, with simple mechanics that anyone can learn.

2 Lost: Seasons 1-6


This DVD box set includes all riveting 6 seasons of the series, for fans who want to subject themselves to the suspenseful scenes once more or recruit new fans by hosting viewing marathons. The set is packed with special features to keep them entertained, including bloopers, footage from the set, interviews with cast members and a behind-the-scenes featurette on the making of the pilot episode.

Never-before-seen flashbacks are also included, to give more context to the characters and the plot. Audio commentaries are available for all seasons, for the fan who loves to hear new perspectives on what they know and love.

1 Things You Never Noticed About Lost


This book was written before the ending of Lost was revealed, based on the first 5 seasons of the show. It's an interesting brainstorm and presentation of in-depth theories about what could be going on. It uses evidence from seasons 1-5 that the average viewer is unlikely to have noticed.

The book is by Vozzek, known for writing some of the best Lost recaps ever. It is over 250 pages long and contains meticulous details and pieced-together information to form assembled puzzles, which may or may not have the answers. This is an excellent gift for a fan who is currently watching the series, or for someone who enjoys mulling over alternate ending possibilities and little details from the shows they love.

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