‘Ultimate Fighter’ Season 18: Ronda Rousey Submits Miesha Tate at UFC 168

UFC 168 - Rousey vs Tate Ultimate Fighter Season 18

The real answer to the season-long question of Team Rousey vs. Team Tate on The Ultimate Fighter season 18 was finally revealed tonight at UFC 168 as Ronda Rousey submitted Miesha Tate in round 3 of their highly-anticipated rematch, continuing Rousey’s reign as the undefeated Women's Bantamweight Champion.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship 168 featured great fights, quick wins – not to mention Anderson Silva potentially ended his career with a horrific broken leg – and to everyone’s surprise, it was ultimately Rousey and Tate’s fight that lasted longest during the PPV event. Up until now, Rousey had defeated all of her opponents in the first round with an armbar. One thing changed; one thing didn’t.

In The Ultimate Fighter season 18, the true venom behind the bitter rivalry between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate was revealed throughout all 14 episodes, turning many fans against the once loved Rousey. After an impressive 3 rounds of Tate fighting off Rousey’s favorite move, the UFC’s new villainess was finally able to secure her infamous armbar on Miesha Tate, and Tate quickly tapped to prevent Rousey from breaking her arm once again.

Still, even though the end result is the most important, Tate put up an impressive fight again Rousey for 3 rounds, pushing her past her first round win record, and she also manage to get herself out of the first armbar that Rousey put her in during round 2. Impressive, yes – but Tate’s performance wasn’t enough for Rousey to put bad blood aside and shake Tate’s hand after being declared the winner, and that’s when the boos started.

While not everyone may have been happy with Rousey winning (or Rousey refusing to shake her hand), she did take the time while being interviewed after the fight to sincerely compliment Tate on her performance in tonight’s fight – which should be considered a big step after Rousey made sure Tate knew how much she disliked her in each episode of the season.

The Ultimate Fighter season 18 may finally be over, but the rivalry between Rousey and Tate still remains, and though it’s very unlikely that either will be coaching another season of the Fox Sports 1’s again, fans of Rousey can get ready to watch her defend her title on February 22, 2014, against Sara McMann at UFC 170.



The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada vs. Australia (season 19) premieres January 14, 2014 on Fox Sports 1.

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