Ubisoft Shows Off Three Minutes Of Avatar Game

Ubisoft is excited to finally be able to demonstrate some gameplay footage for their upcoming video game tie-in for James Cameron's Avatar and they want to know what you think!

The tweeted the announcement earlier today and linked to the video which you can watch below. The footage is introduced by Ubisoft Executive Producer, Patrick Naud.

Check it out after the jump!

The intro reads as follows:

Today, were throwing you into the Pandora rain forest, one of 16 different environments in the game, as a member of the Resources Development Administration, or RDA military.


I'm glad Ubisoft is making this tie-in. As we know, the vast majority of movie-based games tend to fall on the side of suck but this looks good. Ubisoft is known for making beautiful looking games and I expect the same from them here. That and the fact that it's based on James Cameron's largest and most anticipated project ever - they want it done right.

As for the footage, the graphics are certainly up there but I wonder how much of a system hog it'll be on the PC. The gameplay wasn't anything new, nor was the dodge-and-shoot basic boss battle. The scenes hint at what we can expect from the movie in that bad people will be killing life on the planet, Pandora.

We also get a good luck at the robot and its weapons, along with a Hornet chopper which is flyable in the game.

Poor indigenous creatures, what did they do to you?

What do you think of the footage?

Source: Ubisoft

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