Here's A Sample of How Crazy Far Cry 5 Is

During E3 2017, Ubisoft shared a trailer and gameplay video for Far Cry 5, taking fans deeper into the new Montana setting, and demonstrating just how crazy the game is going to be.

The open-world first-person shooter will be the first Far Cry game to take place in the United States. The protagonist of the game is a sheriff's deputy tasked with defeating an evil cult led by "The Father" who has infected a small town in Montana. The protagonist must fight alongside a group of people to resist the Father and take back their town. In one trailer, we see what we can assume is one of the cultists holding up a gun while singing "Amazing Grace."

At E3 2017, Ubisoft showed off another trailer that gives us a look at what we can expect from Far Cry 5. Executive producer Dan Hay introduced many features of the game, and gives fans a preview of Hope County, Montana. One of the characters described the town as a "war zone." Complete with wrecked cars, blood, and severed limbs, Hope County is a place that seems devoid of hope.


We see the main character, along with his allies, descend upon a group of cultists and take them out through a well-coordinated attack. The player character is backed up by a sniper, a man flying a crop duster, and a dog. In some games, working with other characters can be sloppy as each member of the group can get in the way of the player's mission, or the player could have difficulties issuing commands while focusing on something else. In this trailer, we see a flawless team-effort as the sniper shoots down enemies behind the player, and the crop-duster rains downs bullets. We even see the player run over someone with a tractor, resulting in a bloody mess.

An amusing moment in the trailer is when the dog, Boomer, disarms an enemy, and takes his gun to the player, like a dog playing "fetch" with a stick. This "fangs-for-hire" system in Far Cry 5 lets players use Boomer to both tag and attack enemies, was originated in Far Cry Primal, where players could tame animals.

The dog is just one part of the new "for-hire" system that was intended to let players utilize the skills of their companions, and people with unique personalities to assist them in combat in various ways. This feature appears to be one of the game's most important new features, in addition to the absolutely bonkers story that it's aiming to tell.

Far Cry 5 will release on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on February 27, 2018.

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Source: Ubisoft

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