Tyrese Gibson Still Campaigning for Green Lantern Corps Role

Tyrese Gibson reminds everyone once again how badly he wants to play the role of John Stewart in DC's Green Lantern Corps.

Tyrese Gibson as Green Lantern

Tyrese Gibson isn't letting anyone forget his interest in joining the Green Lantern Corps. For years, Gibson's interest in playing the role of John Stewart was mostly directed towards an unknown project, when it wasn't even a certain thing that DC and Warner Bros. were going to be bringing the Stewart iteration of the character to life on the big screen. That was, anyways, until earlier this year when it was announced that David S. Goyer was, indeed, working on a new Green Lantern Corps. film for the studio, which would pair Hal Jordan and John Stewart together as the co-leads of the film.

While news and buzz regarding the project has been relatively low ever since that announcement, though, fans have still been busy wondering who exactly DC was going to cast as Stewart, one of the most anticipated roles that the DCEU has ever brought to the big screen. It looks like Gibson isn't wasting any time throwing his hat into the ring once again either.

The Fast and Furious actor recently took to his personal Instagram account to reiterate his excitement for the property, and the possibility of him playing John Stewart in the Green Lantern Corps film. Captioning the post with "It's Time," check out Gibson's latest attempt at capturing Warner Bros. and DC's attention for yourself down below:

It's time

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Much like a majority of the other, already announced DC films, not much is known about Green Lantern Corps. at the moment. Ever since the polarizing reactions to both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad last year, it's appeared as though most of the studio's original plans for the DCEU have been thrown into question, and any film that was supposed to be released any time after 2018's Aquaman, is currently shrouded in a whole lot of mystery and confusion for fans.

Still, it's entirely possible that Green Lantern Corps could be the DC film that Warner Bros. is trying to make happen sometime this year, and considering just how many actors have been asked about their possible involvement in the film - from Armie Hammer all the way to Moonlight's Trevante Rhodes - there certainly looks to be a large amount of attention surrounding the title at the moment. Depending on how quickly a director is attached to the project, and production on the film begins, DC fans could very well wind up seeing the Green Lantern Corps return to the silver screen sooner than they might have expected. Whether or not it will be with Tyrese Gibson at the front of the ride, will have to remain a mystery for the time being.

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