'Homeland' Producers' New FX Drama 'Tyrant' Gets Its First Teaser

'Tyrant' teaser

FX appears to be going through a state of flux these days. In the past week alone, the network debuted its Billy Bob Thornton-starring take on the classic Coen brothers film Fargo and unveiled the briefest of glimpses at Guillermo del Toro's new vampire series The Strain. Both shows have a tremendous amount of buzz behind them and provide further proof that FX remains a strong player in the basic-cable world of original programming.

In addition to those two series, FX is prepping Tyrant - its new drama series from the producers of Homeland - for a summer debut. The show follows Adam Rayner (Hunted, Hawthorne) as the son of a foreign dictator who returns to his home country only to get swept up in the political unrest that has overtaken the streets.

Oscar-winning director Ang Lee was initially tapped to direct the series pilot, but Harry Potter filmmaker David Yates will instead lead the show's first episode. Now FX has given viewers their first look at the show.

'Tyrant' teaser

FX has released a brand-new teaser for Tyrant, and while the footage doesn't give us too much to work with, it does accomplish precisely what a first look of this nature intends to do, namely give prospective fans an idea of the show's overall mood and tone.

Considering the show's heavy reliance on politics, it's easy to imagine that the sense of isolation conveyed by the teaser imagery - a confused Rayner lost in the middle of the desert - hint at the culture shock (upon returning home) experienced by his character, who has been living in America with a wife and two kids. There's also the matter of the ominous-looking scar across his left hand, which may or may not have any bearing on the plot.

At this early stage, it's anyone's guess exactly how Tyrant will turn out, but with the level of talent involved behind the scenes, FX could very well have another winner on its hands. It doesn't hurt that the show is sure to be rife with controversy, even with its plot centering on the fictional nation of Baladi. On the other hand, Tyrant will have to distinguish itself from the slew of other politically-fueled television dramas currently on the air in order to make a lasting impact.

Are you looking forward to the premiere of Tyrant this summer, or is the small screen already filled with too many political dramas as it is? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Tyrant debuts on FX this summer. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for additional details.

Source: FX

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