Tyler Cameron Was Offered The Bachelor Before Peter Weber, But Turned It Down

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown The Bachelorette

Tyler Cameron was reportedly offered the spot of The Bachelor before Peter Weber, but he turned it down. Not surprisingly, Cameron has more important responsibilities to attend to than dating 20-plus women at once on national television.

The Bachelor has grown in recent years in the way in which some of their alums have crossed over the line from former contestant of the show to full-fledged celebrity. While there have been many men see their stock skyrocket after a stint on The Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise (looking at you, Wells Adams), Cameron took his Bachelorette fame to astronomical levels. He started dating supermodel Gigi Hadid and uprooted his life to New York City. He'll likely wind up on our television screens again, in one way or another. He didn't necessarily jump off the screen in Hannah Brown's season, but his well proportioned features and knowledge of how to treat a woman right - far from a guarantee on The Bachelorette - thrust him straight into the conversation for The Bachelor. Once it became apparent his date with Brown was more a fling than a recommitment to falling in love, Cameron became a potential frontrunner for The Bachelor. But he was already headed on a trajectory that was far too alluring to pass up in favor of another televised quest for love (and possible heartbreak).

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cameron said that, "My heart wasn't 100 percent there, and that's something you have to be fully invested in." Cameron also cited his father's health concerns as a reason he wasn't ready to embark on The Bachelor journey. (His dad, he says, is doing better now.)  Cameron also slyly took a shot at Jed Wyatt, claiming the reason he turned down the position is, "You shouldn't go on the show if you have a girlfriend." He hasn't been up-front and public with his relationship with Hadid, but he knows everyone else knows it's a thing.

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On Weber, Cameron told ET that he approves of the choice. He said, "I think Peter's going to be amazing. I'm excited to watch Peter. He's just - he's got so much joy in that smile, and he's got that subtle swagger... he's great." Cameron surmised that the toughest part for Weber is the part where he needs to say goodbye to the women. He saw Weber fall hard for Brown and he anticipates there may be multiple women who pull on his heartstrings the same way in his season. In a message to Weber, Cameron said, "Go find your girl."

Cameron as The Bachelor won't happen, at least not in 2020, but it shouldn't stop us from brainstorming what that kind of reality would look like. Truth is, it wouldn't be all too different from Weber, as both are well-intentioned attractive white males who come from good families. Weber's cast of women already looks to be one of the most Instagram-able groups in franchise history and if you think that wouldn't be the case for Cameron, you're playing yourself.

The lone concern with Cameron as The Bachelor is the same one that exists for Weber. Neither has any major flaws the audience is aware of. An increase in screen time only opens the door for viewers to see something they don't like and judge accordingly. We will have to see what, if anything, we don't end up liking about Weber. When it comes to Cameron, however, we may never know if he has any serious character faults.With that in mind, in addition to his modeling career and gorgeous girlfriend, he's likely not losing any sleep over this.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight

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