Tyler Cameron & More Bachelor Favorites Reveal Their Top Picks for Next Bachelor

Tyler and Hannah in The Bachelorette

Tyler Cameron, runner-up of Hannah Brown's season, and more Bachelor fan favorites reveal their top picks for the next Bachelor. The latest star of the reality competition show won't be announced until this season of Bachelor in Paradise wraps.

There have been a lot of rumors swirling as to who will be the next Bachelor. Some big contenders include contestants from Brown's season, like Mike Johnson, who is in serious consideration. He made such a good impression while on the show that even Demi Lovato was thirsting after him. Cameron, who Brown dumped for Jed Wyatt, is also in the running. However, he has been spotted out with Gigi Hadid in New York City a few times and is even rumored to be apartment hunting in the city, so he might skip this opportunity to date the supermodel. There's also a chance Peter Weber, Brown's second runner-up, could be the next Bachelor. While ABC won't announce the new star until later this year, some Bachelor Nation favorites are already sharing their top picks.

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According to Us Weekly, Bachelor Nation favorites recently revealed who they'd love to see as the next star of The Bachelor. Former Bachelor Colton Underwood wants Weber - because he has all the "qualities" of a good Bachelor, he said, but also because his fiancé, Cassie Randolph, said he was cute. Former Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher is rooting for Johnson and Weber, or "Pilot Pete," as Bachelor Nation calls him, but is leaning toward Johnson. Fletcher's fiancé Jordan Rodgers added that he "only watched a few episodes" of Brown's season but was also rooting for Weber. Rachel Lindsay, who was the first black Bachelorette, is supporting Johnson, who would be the first black Bachelor. She said she has her "own reasons" for choosing Johnson, but one big one was that Lovato was trying to shoot her shot with him - "that's enough said," she added.  Tayshia Adams, who appeared as a contestant on Underwood's season of The Bachelor, said she supports Johnson, too.

The Bachelorette's Mike Johnson in serious consideration for The Bachelor

But former Bachelorette Brown isn't picking between Weber and Johnson. She said she likes them both and wants them to "find happiness," adding she hopes that they have better luck than she did. The only person Brown wouldn't love to see as the next Bachelor is Cameron, considering the two went on a post-Bachelorette date together and she said that there are  still feelings there. Meanwhile, Cameron chose his business partner and best friend Matt James as the next Bachelor. That might be impossible given the network's casting process, but it's still nice of him to try and get his buddy a date. Unfortunately, James wouldn't stand a chance against Johnson, Cameron, or Weber.

There's still a few more weeks until ABC announces the new star of The Bachelor, which will premiere early next year. Fans of Johnson, however, can get their fix by watching him on Bachelor in Paradise. If he finds love in Mexico, then he's most likely out of the running for next Bachelor. So far, he hasn't had much luck, and it looks like there's still a good chance he'll be chosen. Sorry, Demi.

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Source: Us Weekly

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