• Iron Man 3 actor Ty SImpkins talk about his Endgame cameo 1 / 9

  • Simpkins played Harley Keener in Iron Man 3 - the kid Tony met in Tennessee as he was investigating the Mandarin 2 / 9

  • Fans haven't seen the character since the Shane Black film 3 / 9

  • Until Endgame where he was tapped to return for Tony Stark's funeral 4 / 9

    Iron Man Endgame EW Cover Vertical
  • Apparently, when he got the call for Marvel, he was informed of the reason for his return and he immediately felt wistful 5 / 9

  • He also sent Robert Downey Jr. a text after booking the gig since the two kept in touch all these years 6 / 9

    Vertical Avengers Endgame Iron Man
  • It's surprising that Simpkins was informed of the specifics plot details of his return despite its spoiler nature 7 / 9

  • But he did a great job keeping a lid on it until the film's release back in April 8 / 9

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