New Two-Face Clip From The Dark Knight


DON'T worry folks, this is very very low on the spoiler meter or I wouldn't post it otherwise. When I heard earlier today that there was a new clip from The Dark Knight out that actually showed Two-Face, my reaction was "Come ON! Didn't we get enough pre-release spoilage from the Iron Man campaign?"

Ah, but not to fear, we get the barest glimpse here and from almost all the way behind the character. What I really like about this clip is that it almost looks like it's lifted from The Godfather instead of from a superhero summer blockbuster movie.

Check it out for yourselves below.


I really think this movie is going to raise the bar for superhero flicks even higher than Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk have already.

The Dark Knight opens on Jul 18, 2008.


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