Two Words: Highlander. Remake.

Since I started writing for Screen Rant I have no idea how many movie remake stories I've covered, but every week seems to bring a new one. This week: Highlander.

If you don't know, Highlander tells the tale of a 16th Century Scotsman - a highlander who happens to be immortal. He and other "immortals" fight through the ages in order to win "The Prize." The only way that they can die is to be decapitated. Ouch!

The cast included Frenchman Christopher Lambert as the titular Highlander - Connor Macleod, Scotsman Sean Connery as a Spaniard and American Clancy Brown as the Germanic Kurgan.

It's an outstanding movie... if a tad dated. It was released in 1986 and the soundtrack was composed by the band Queen.

The tag-line for the movie was: "There can be only one."

We have now had four sequels, two television series, an animated series and now here comes a remake...

Summit Entertainment will produce the remake in the hope of resuscitating the franchise following its destruction directly after the end credits of the first film.

Iron Man scripters Art Marcum and Matt Holloway have been hired to pen the script, so there's at least some hope that this could actually turn out to be a decent "re-imagining" of the story.

Summit's co-chairman Patrick Wachsberger said:

"I have always dreamed of reinventing this franchise. We think the franchise will work on a global basis."

Apparently the film "will mix contemporary settings, action, mythology and medieval Scotland."

Just like the original then.

No word on cast or director, but I'll bet good money that they give Gerard Butler a call..for either the lead or the Spanish Ramirez (Sean Connery in the original).

I'll let you know the news as we get it.

Source: Variety

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