2 Villains In Man Of Steel: How About Making NEITHER Lex Luthor?

It's being reported that one of the co-writers of the Superman Returns sequel Superman: Man of Steel, Michael Dougherty has stated that there will be not one, but two villains in the yet to be made film.


What is it about superhero movies that seems to call out for TWO antagonists? Why isn't just one bad guy enough? Hello, Spider-Man 3?

Oh sure, multi-villains can work, but as far as I'm concerned just having one gives more opportunity to develop the character in depth, rather than splitting the attention and having one inevitably get the short end of the stick (Hello? Spider-Man 3?)

Of course Superman certainly has enough villains to choose from, but how much would you like to bet that one of the villains will be... come on, you can guess who...

Lex Luthor.

Of course that already seems to be a given. It seems like they can't get away from Luthor as a villain. Maybe I wouldn't mind so much if they made him a more nuanced character. I swear if they make real estate his motivation one more time I'm going to lose it.

I'll tell you right now that after the snoozer that was Superman Returns (yes, I gave it but that was for the 3D Imax version which influenced me quite a bit) I am not really looking forward to the next movie at this point. Of course that could change if Bryan Singer decides to take the next film in a COMPLETELY different direction, but at this point I'm not too hopeful.

Source: Superherohype via Advanced Iron.

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