Two New I Am Legend Trailers: One Great, One Lame

It's raining I Am Legend trailers today. There's a new U.S. version and a new international trailer for the movie. While I liked the first U.S. trailer, this new on is IMHO pretty damned boring. On the other hand, the international trailer really makes me want to see the movie.

The film opens mid-December, stars Will Smith and seems to be a twist on the old Sci Fi movie The Omega Man which starred Charlton Heston. Smith plays the last man left on Earth after some sort of catastrophe wipes out everyone else. Of course he's not really alone... eventually some rather creepy characters start showing up, no doubt mutated by whatever happened, and they look suspiciously like vampires to me.

I'm actually very interested in seeing this for a few reasons:

1. Sue me, but I'm a big fan of Will Smith.

2. The concept is interesting to me, and based on the first trailer it looks to be quite well done.

3. They're releasing an IMAX version of the movie.

4. They're attaching the first 5-7 minutes of The Dark Knight to the IMAX version of the film.

First we have the new U.S. version of the trailer, which up until about the last 5 seconds just about put me to sleep:

And then we have the new international trailer, which is much more appealing (sorry, couldn't find a larger version of this one):

Maybe someone can explain to me why it is that international trailers for U.S. movies are consistently better than the the version they show in the States? I just don't get it.

Oh, and here's the poster in case you haven't seen it:

Thanks to Filmstalker for the international version.

I Am Legend opens on December 14th.

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