Two And A Half Men: The 10 Worst Things Rose Has Ever Done, Ranked

Two and a Half Men started out as a nice show that meant to portray the power of family, before becoming a very provocative series that had no sense of direction. However, the darkest tendencies the show leaned toward featured the character of Rose.

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From a well-meaning stalker with a crush, Rose turned into the stuff of nightmares when her sole attribute became about just how insane she was. Had this not been a sitcom, you’d think Rose was from a character from a horror-thriller series. Having said that, here are the 10 worst things she did on Two and a Half Men.

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10 Stalking Charlie For Years

Let’s start off with the most obvious one of all; where Rose stalked the same man for years on end because of one misguided night. Thinking that Charlie wanted more than their one-time dalliance, Rose took to stalking him.

In fact, Charlie had a restraining order against Rose for this very reason, but this had no effect at all and Rose continued arriving at his house. It got to unhealthier levels when Rose would frequently reveal details about Charlie no-one should have known, meaning she probably had him under surveillance.

9 Pretending To Be Married To A Mannequin

What turned out to be Charlie’s biggest mistake of all was believing that Rose was actually married to a man. Knowing Charlie, he found Rose irresistible when he couldn’t have her, and this was all a ploy on her part as her “husband” didn’t exist.

In reality, Manny was just a shortened form of the word “mannequin”, which was what her husband was. Thankfully, she wasn’t crazy enough to believe Manny was real, but she did manipulate Charlie into marrying her by pretending she had left Manny for him.

8 Keeping Charlie Sick On Purpose

After being with an ill woman, Charlie himself fell sick, leading to Rose taking care of him. Over time, however, Charlie’s condition steadily worsened, to the point where he couldn’t even understand where he was.

As it turned out, Rose had been the one to set the ill woman up with Charlie, since she had planned for him to get sick and then swoop in to play the nurse. Rose would continually give Charlie the wrong pills to keep him under the weather, all because she didn’t want him to get better and pursue another woman.

7 Pretending To Be Pregnant With Walden's Child

After Charlie “died”, Rose turned her attention toward Walden. They had a fake chance meeting, after which Rose was able to manipulate Walden the same way she had Charlie. Around this time, though, Walden’s main love interest returned, leading him to break-up with Rose.

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After siccing her ferrets on Walden for this betrayal, Rose went on over to Zoey’s, where she pretended to be pregnant with Walden’s child in order to give the impression that Walden was leaving her despite becoming a father. Needless to say, Walden didn’t get Zoey or Rose by the end of the episode.

6 Only Be Jake's Friend To Get To Charlie

Jake was too much of a bonehead to notice that Rose’s friendship with him had always been a ruse. In the early seasons, you’d get the sense that Rose was genuinely friends with Jake, seeing as they would hang out even when Charlie wasn’t around.

However, later seasons confirmed Rose had only been around Jake because at that time Charlie had been interested in having a relationship with the boy. Once Jake got older, Charlie lost interest in him, which also signaled the end of Jake’s interactions with Rose. Turns out the whole time she’d been playing with a child’s feelings.

5 Lying About Charlie's Death

Charlie was one animal you just couldn’t tame, and after promising he would change his ways, he just went ahead and did something worse. In this case, he cheated on Rose right after marrying her.

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Rose would turn her craziness up to its highest level, and tried to kill him by pushing him in front of a moving train. Up until this point, we were aware that Rose was crazy, but this took her up into murdering ranks. After that, she would lie to Charlie’s family about his death and even attended his funeral as if she were a grieving bride.

4 Use Alan As A Placeholder For Charlie

When Rose realized Charlie was truly in love with Chelsea, she decided to kill two birds with one: She would antagonize Charlie while being in a relationship with his brother to fill that needy hole in her soul.

While Charlie was apprehensive of Rose’s motives when she started hooking up with Alan, she claimed her feelings for Alan were real. However, Alan would realize she was simply substituting Charlie with him, as Rose would become just as crazily obsessed with him. Alan wouldn’t be able to take two steps without Rose clinging onto his every move.

3 Violating Alan's Space

Eventually, Alan had enough of Rose controlling him as if he were an object and not a person, and broke up with her to spare himself of her craziness. He would come to regret this manner of break-up, as Rose proceeded to violate him.

When Alan told Rose to stop contacting him, the latter glued Alan’s private areas to a model car he owned. Even after much difficulty in getting the car off, Alan wasn’t able to rid himself of Rose, as we saw her begin stalking him the same way as she once did Charlie.

2 Teaching Bridget How To Spy On Walden

Melanie Lynskey as Rose in Two and a Half Men

It seems as if Rose can’t keep her stalker tendencies limited to herself, and needs someone to tutor in this art as well. There can be no other explanation as to why she approached Walden’s ex-wife Bridget to coach her.

After Bridget realized she actually liked Walden’s childish antics, her attempts at reconciling with him ended up in failure; Rose arrived to tell her that this shouldn’t mean defeat, and then took Bridget away to teach her how she could make Walden pay. Bridget’s next appearance saw her try and wrestle away Walden’s company from him, so we can be certain Rose did teach her a thing or two.

1 Brainwashing Charlie In Incarceration For Years

It was little consolation for Charlie that Rose didn’t kill him, seeing as she imprisoned him instead. Rose would keep Charlie trapped in a ditch in her house, where she fed him lies about Alan and the rest of Charlie’s friends abandoning him.

This brainwashed Charlie to the extent that he developed a murderous vendetta against Alan and Walden, as he was seen out with the intention to seemingly kill them. Rose had no regrets with keeping Charlie as her prisoner for four years, and even escaped justice when she ran away; this turned out to be her last appearance in the series.

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