Two And A Half Men: 10 Questions About Rose, Answered

The CBS show Two and a Half Men was known for having weirdo characters whose strange behavior was played for laughs, and there was no stranger character than that of Rose. She started off as part of the main cast and seemed to be a stalker who meant well. Later on, though, Rose’s characterization fell to extreme lengths where she then became something of a crazed criminal who knew no boundaries.

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While no one can really explain Rose fully, we can answer the following 10 questions about her. We hope they shed some light over a person we sincerely hope does not exist in real life.

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10 Why Was She Obsessed With Charlie?

This is a thing of wonder for those who start watching Two and a Half Men after Rose’s introduction, as she is shown to be insanely after Charlie Harper. So, in case you don’t know why she’s so fond of him, Rose was actually one of the many one-time conquests of Charlie.

The only snag here for Charlie, though, was that he bit off more than he could chew with Rose. Unlike the other easy girls Charlie had around, Rose stuck to him obsessively because to her the one night of passion with Charlie was supposed to be the first of a lifetime of companionship - unfortunately, the reality was nowhere near as romantic as this sounds.

9 How Does She Connect Charlie, Alan and Walden?

Charlie and Walden never met, and Charlie never wanted to be associated with anything that Alan had in common with him, so how does Rose make for common ground for these men? That would be because she bedded all three of them!

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That’s right, at some point across the twelve years of the show, Rose managed to manipulate each of the three leads into falling for her. Charlie was the first of these men, and Rose then seduced Alan to chastise Charlie later on; she would then turn her affections over to Walden after Charlie’s departure. Another thing in common here is that all men realized Rose was completely cuckoo, and bailed the first chance they got.

8 What Did She Do With Charlie?

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding as to what exactly happened to Charlie Harper following Season 8, as he was shown to be in hell in Season 9, only for the series finale to show him alive. 

The truth of the matter is that Rose fabricated Charlie’s death and him having died in Europe at all; Charlie was actually captive in Rose’s house all along and the spirit that visited Alan in Season 9 was nothing more than an hallucination. As it turned out, every change we saw from Season 9 onwards happened in-universe because of Rose, whose anger at Charlie cheating on her led her to her worst turn yet.

7 What Are The Worst And Insane Things She's Done?

Speaking of the worst of Rose, you’ll be surprised to know that sealing away Charlie for four years was just the cherry on top, because Rose’s insanity is one for the ages. To start things off, she apparently had five ferrets as pets, all of whom were named Charlie. Even crazier than that, it was said that Rose also had a tattoo of Charlie on her behind, and she created a website that disparaged Charlie just so he would contact her over it.

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The things that can be characterized as really awful, though, are instances such as when she glued Charlie’s private part to his thigh, pretended to be pregnant with Walden’s baby, pretended to be a bride about to marry Charlie to scare off his fiance, and tried to take his life by pushing him on toward a moving train.

6 Did Charlie Take Legal Action Against Her?

You’d think a crazy lunatic like Rose would have seen lawful justice at some point, and it was weird how Charlie kept putting up with her when she was clearly making his life miserable, so why wasn’t she put away by the system? That would be because Charlie did try to keep her apart, only for it to make no difference.

As it was, Charlie had a restraining order against Rose for continually stalking him, but Rose simply ignored this ruling of the court and kept coming to Charlie because she wanted to. Charlie realized it was futile to try and do something about it, and figured he would just live with Rose’s constant presence.

5 What Is Her Education?

The crazy ones are always the smartest of the lot and Rose fit this idea very perfectly, because she was the most educationally qualified character on the show. It turned out that Rose was a licensed psychotherapist, meaning she was well aware of whatever crazy act she was doing.

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This was most evident when she played caretaker to Charlie in a particular episode, until he realized she was making him more ill in order to make him permanently dependent under her care. Rose’s cunning manipulation of every guy she was obsessed with was possible because of her educational training, and it worked wonders for her too.

4 Did She Teach Anyone Else How To Be A Stalker?

Someone who is great at their craft doesn’t leave their talent only for them to make use of, they impart their wisdom over to others to create their legacy. In Rose’s case, her legacy was ensuring there were other crazies such as herself out there. 

After Rose was shooed away by Walden for being a nutjob, she held resentment toward him enough to not only stalk him, but also plan her revenge. This came in the form of teaching Walden’s ex-wife how to keep tabs on him the same way Rose had once done with Charlie. Rose would approach Bridget, and we saw them begin their scheming. We didn’t get to witness what became of this, but we can be certain Bridget wasn’t the first of Rose’s “students”.

3 Who Was She Close To?

Another major reason why Rose stuck around Charlie’s house was because she had managed to slither into the heart of Jake, who grew to become very fond of her. She was seen being a friend to Jake in earlier seasons, and was even invited to big events like Jake’s birthday; this gave Rose a very good reason to be near Charlie. 

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Along with Jake, Rose surprisingly had a great relationship with Charlie’s mother as well. Evelyn was famous for being nasty to Charlie’s love interests, which made Rose the first exception we are aware of.

2 Which Celebrity Was She Involved With?

Although Charlie was her main attraction, Rose was known to have been involved with a slew of men over the years. We saw her with a bunch of them as well, but the strangest one would have to be none other than Steven Tyler.

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It got even weirder when we learned that Tyler was apparently the first man Rose had ever been with. Somehow, it makes perfect sense that Tyler would be the first; considering Rose’s delusions with men, it would appear her dalliance with Tyler gave her an inflated sense of importance and she couldn’t bear the thought of a man not wanting to be with her.

1 What Became Of Her In The End?

At some point you’d think Rose would pay for all her crimes, but we just don’t know if she did see true justice. The final episode only brought her in to explain Charlie’s sudden reappearance, and Rose was last seen fleeing in order to avoid Charlie’s wrath.

There have still been many guesses over her whereabouts, however, with one theory being that Rose was the one who had arranged for the piano to fall on top of Charlie in the show’s final seconds to take him out. Whatever the truth is, we do know that Rose is still free and open to capture and make another poor guy’s life a living hell.

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