Two And A Half Men, 10 Questions About Lyndsey, Answered

Lyndsey McElroy is Alan's on and off-again flame on Two And A Half Men. She is played by talented actress Courtney Thorne-Smith. Her back story is filled with scandal and she is never short of eyebrow-raising moments in the narrative.

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Still, she is neat and well-presented, usually slipping up when a drink is placed in her hands, as a former alcoholic. Still, there are some things fans of the show might not have noticed or might not know about Lyndsey. Here are just 10 of them:

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10 Hidden vices

Slim and well-presented, viewers have to ask, does Lyndsey have any vices? The attractive blonde is, as the narrative suggests, an undercover alcoholic. Fans will know that she enjoys beer but might not realize the extent to which she has an alcohol problem.

The series suggests that she is a recovered alcoholic who has the occasional lapse in terms of drinking. In one episode, she vomits inside Walden's private jet. This, after becoming hopelessly drunk.

9 Too close for comfort

What is Lyndsey's connection to Judith? Judith is a character who seems a larger-than-life presence in Alan's life. She seems to wield far too much power over Alan, despite the couple having divorced. Fans might be surprised to find out that she is actually Lyndsey's neighbor.

What's more, when Alan still lived with Judith, Lyndsey was both Alan and Lyndsey's neighbor. She continues to know Judith and so Judith continues to have some kind of presence in the series' narrative.

8 An unlikely relationship

With Alan's lack of social life, one has to wonder: how did he manage to clinch a relationship with Lyndsey? The answer lies in his son, Jake who is friends with Lyndsey's son Eldridge McElroy. Alan's son's social life opened a way for him to have some kind of a life - separate from all his work and anxiety.

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His son's friendship to Elridge meant that Elridge continued to visit Jake after Judith and Alan were no longer an item, and Alan was no longer Lyndsey's neighbor.

7 A past worth writing about

What did Lyndsey reveal to Charlie and Alan about her past which made viewers sit up in their seats? Let's face it, Lyndsey comes with a fair measure of scandal to her name but some of the things revealed by the character raise eyebrows just that much higher than others.

In one episode, Lyndsey tells Alan and Charlie how when she was in high school, she had struggled financially and had decided to get a job. This all seems reasonable until she explains this 'job' was in a pornographic film called 'Cinnamon Buns', for which she had to be covered as frosting in a fantasy bakery shop scene.

6 Moving in together

Why does Alan agree to move in with Lyndsey? In the story, Alan and Lyndsey move in together shortly after announcing their relationship to their children, Jake and Eldrige.

After this, Lyndsey is the one who suggests they take their relationship to a new level and move in together. Alan is reluctant to take this big step. However, after some deliberation he agrees to do so, realizing it will annoy Judith - something he is always happy to do.

5 House on fire

How does Lyndsey's house burn down in the series? Viewers will remember the episode where Lyndsey's house is burned down, forcing Jake, Eldridge, Alan and herself to move back into Charlie's beach house. The reason behind the whole inconvenience is Alan and his smoking habit.

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He manages to successfully burn her house down from smoking his pipe in a careless fashion. It would come as no surprise that Lyndsey becomes cold towards Alan after this incident and even temporarily leaves him at her ex-husband's suggestion.

4 Controversial, to say the least

Why do viewers keep such a close watch on Lyndsey? The answer lies in her off-the-beaten-track antics and the endless surprises she brings to the narrative. Remember how she slept with Alan's ex-wife Kandi?

This was a huge surprise for viewers who, while hearing all kinds of stories about Lyndsey's past, didn't quite expect her to something as unlikely as showing affection towards Kandi. This happened after Alan and Lyndsey had supposedly broken up for the last time.

3 Alan's insecurity

What brings the downfall of Alan and Lyndsey's relationship? In Season 8 of the show, Lyndsey and Charlie sit down to talk about sports betting, with Lyndsey explaining she was formerly a Las Vegas sports bookie, in her more than shady, vice-filled past.

Seeing the two chatting, Alan immediately assumed Charlie had stolen his love (as Charlie tended to do with his girlfriends). This resulted in a fight between Alan and Lyndsey. Poor Alan had reason to be wary of Charlie, however, this time he was clearly off the mark, and it would seem that his unfounded suspicions... and the arguments they brought... eventually caused a rift in his relationship with Lyndsey.

2 A toughie

Is there anything that makes Lyndsey afraid? She seems streetwise and appears to dodge life's downturns with great skill. Still, she does have a fear and this is possibly evidenced by the way she flitters from love affair to love affair, having unstable relationships and flings with both men and women.

Furthermore, it seems that her fear is the same one that Alan has and possibly the couple was drawn together to begin with. Lyndsey's number one fear, as the series' narrative suggests, is being alone.

1 Hypocritical

Why could Lyndsey be considered to be hypocritical? Fans of the series will know how frequently Lyndsey cheats on Alan. She cheated on him with Jenny, Larry, Kandi... the list goes on. She also seemed oblivious to the effect this had on him and even got slightly annoyed when he confronted her frivolous ways.

Strangely, when Alan has been suspected of cheating by her, all hell breaks loose and she feels justified in accusing him and demanding explanation.

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