Two And Half Men: 10 Questions About Charlie, Answered

Two and A Half Men was a successful American sitcom which ran for 12 full seasons. It lasted 12 years, starting in 2003 and ending in February 2015. The series featured some well-loved characters: the uptight Alan, his son Jake, and the womanizing Charlie. Most fans would agree Charlie was the glue that held the show together and after he left the show, in later episodes, it was never the same without him. Here are 10 questions about the series' Charlie, together with answers:

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10 Brotherly Love

Fans might be left wondering who is really smarter, Charlie or Alan? Charlie is definitely not academically intelligent, but he has something which brother Alan seems not to possess: common sense. While Alan might be a big number cruncher and good with books, he is far from being street smart, and as a result, isn't as successful as Charlie is. Charlie's know-how of the ways of the world has meant success in his job and with women. Still, it would be hard to argue who is actually smarter of the two. It all depends on what kind of intelligence one is talking about.

9 The Great Train Debate

Was Rose's train story true? Remember how in the series, Rose claims Charlie died getting hit by a train? She explained to the others that they had been in Paris and he had proposed to her, and then shortly after she had found him in the shower with another woman. According to her claims in the series, Charlie was then struck by a train when standing on a platform and died. Her story was exposed as a lie in the end and most viewers agreed that it was a lame addition to the narrative and a poor excuse for Charlie to exit the show.

8 Inspiration Behind The Character

Charlie Sheen and Angus T. Jones in Two and a Half Men

Who inspired the character of Charlie? Charlie was arguably the greatest addition to the series and when Charlie left the show, his presence was definitely felt by both the cast and viewers. He added something dry, spicy and humorous to the narrative. It should come as no surprise that the inspiration behind the character was none other than Charlie Sheen himself. Perhaps this was why he was so good at portraying the complex character. The character of Charlie presented a human side to the stereotypical womanizer. Still, most women wouldn't want to be at the receiving end of this womanizing.

7 Charlie's Women

Why all the womanizing? This is probably one of the toughest questions to answer but it's worth trying. Charlie grew up without a father, knowing very little about his dad, Francis Harper. His mom, Evelyn, was so tough on him, he refers to her as 'satan' in the narrative. Still, having grown up without a dad and having a tough mom seems a lousy excuse to womanize. Perhaps, the affections of women are a way Charlie handles the emptiness from his troubled childhood. It's this humanity of Charlie which almost makes fans forgive his womanizing ways. Almost.

6 Charlie's Music

Why is he not on stage? Charlie is known for his incredible music. It's how he gets paid. Then why hasn't he taken his music to the stage? Let's face it, Charlie can be a bit of a recluse. He's not your conventional social musician but enjoys doing his own thing, and living life to his own tune.

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While he is a talented muso, he also gets stage fright. This means he lacks the courage to share his music on stage. Still, he hasn't remained completely hidden as a musician. His jingles are popular and shared in commercials around the world.

5 A Loafer

Two and a Half Men Alan, Charlie, and Jake

Why does Charlie get to lounge around all day? Most fans of the show will know that he has a great deal of money. The question is, how? He seems to do nothing and is a real loafer, if appearances are anything to go by.

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Charlie is a jingle writer and wrote the fictional Maple Loops song for an advert. This gave him a truckload of money, which obviously gave him entry into the easy life. While he appears to do no work, he has also written other jingles, such as Charlie Waffles, which is for kids.

4 Relationship Drama

Why the relationship drama? It would seem Charlie's relationships never have successful outcomes. Remember Lisa? Rose? Mia? He casually dumped Mia in a recording studio and chose instead to go off with Isabella. Then, he gave Isabella herpes!

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It seems the drama is endless and viewers might agree this comes down to one answer: Charlie is never held accountable for his actions. When he left Isabella with herpes, he didn't so much as bat an eyelash.

3 Fear Of Berta

Why is Charlie terrified of his housekeeper Berta, when he plays games with the other women in his life? The answer would seem obvious: Berta doesn't put up with nonsense. He also has to pay her! She works for him. But it probably goes deeper than that. He respects her. She does a good job and he perceives her as an equal rather than someone at his disposal. In many ways, she keeps him on the straight and narrow and steps in as a mother figure. With the other women who he womanizes this is not so. They are as disposable as the beers he downs while lounging on the couch, for much of his time.

2 The 'Female' Charlie

What was up with the female ghost of Charlie? Surely fans were left wondering about the scene where Alan is in hospital and a woman (Kathy Bates) shows up to tell him that she is Charlie and that he had to live in the body of a woman for the sins he had done while on earth, against women.

This was actually a rushed attempt by narrators to pick up the pieces after Charlie was no longer in the show. However strange it seemed, directors commended Bates on a good Charlie impression, but decided not to continue her appearances on the show.

1 Charlie's Death

Why did Charlie have to die? As most fans and TV viewers will know, Charlie had to leave the show for reasons that ran external to the show's actual narrative. Actor Charlie Sheen was fired from the show following a dispute between himself and the show's producer, Chuck Lorre. The result of this was the directors and narrators having to come up with inventive ways to explain Charlie's absence from the series. Shortly after he died, actor Ashton Kutcher bought the house, allowing Jake and Alan to stay on there.

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