Two And A Half Men: 25 Things That Make No Sense About The Show

Two and a Half Men started out with a bang in 2003. The show was something of a fresh idea as it didn’t deal with a group of friends or had office-based characters; it featured two brothers with contrasting fortunes and a child who brought them together. The show also revitalized the careers of Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer, and the success of Two and a Half Men made both men very rich indeed.

All good things must come to a natural end, but if you’re Charlie Sheen you bring good things to a premature end as the actor began a war of words with showrunner Chuck Lorre. After a number of events over eight years, Charlie was fired in 2011 and the show was revamped with Ashton Kutcher. Charlie may be a bag full of crazies, but the guy made Two and a Half Men what it was and the show was never, ironically, half as good anymore.

After the revamp, the show threw most of its earlier elements out the beach house balcony and became extremely crude, and at times very inappropriate. This brought a lot of inconsistencies that the show didn’t care about. However, there were a lot of nonsensical elements on Two and a Half Men before Charlie’s departure as well. We didn’t notice them much because the show was entertaining back then.

Regardless of how you feel of the pre and post-revamped Two and a Half Men, here are 25 Things That Make No Sense About The Show.

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25 Mommy Not-So-Dearest

Charlie kept dilly-dallying over whether he truly loved his mother or not throughout his time on the show. As early as the first season he had taken a moment to tell his mother that despite everything he says he really does love her.

Later on, he would tell his psychiatrist how much his mother was like the devil and she had “sucked the life out of (his father)”. He even had his mother on speed dial with the digits 666.

24 Who Got Cremated?

In Season 9, Charlie was revealed to have been blown to smithereens by a train during his honeymoon with Rose. However, in Season 12, this was shown to be a lie and Charlie was actually alive. Charlie had a coffin in the Season 9 premiere, but Alan didn’t have it opened because it was too awful to look at.

In the finale, Rose mentioned a goat had been cremated instead of Charlie, so the ashes Alan had were actually from the goat. But was this true or was it all made up?

23 Alan's personality change

When the show began, Alan had a Nice Guy personality. He was made out to be a good guy stuck in terrible situations and we were meant to sympathize with him.

As the show progressed, though, Alan became a pathetic mooch as opposed to a sympathetic character. It instead looked as if he deserved everything bad that happened to him and Judith was right to kick him out. But when he started out in Season 1, he wasn’t a mooch at all; when did this get changed?

22 Jake's personality change

In Season 1, Jake’s humor was drier and his comedy came from being stuck between his bumbling father and immature uncle. He was even supposed to be rather smart, with him making witty comments and analysis that went by others.

As the seasons continued, however, Jake became an absolute dimwit. He couldn’t count straight numbers, couldn’t understand common sense and was an outright dolt. It got to the point where it would be believable that Jake didn’t even know basic human sanitation.

21 Judith's disappearance

The actress was credited as part of the main cast right up until the finale, but Judith was barely ever on the show starting from the eighth and ninth seasons. Instead, her husband Herb became more of a recurring character. Judith’s absence was inexplicable as Jake never mentioned her nor did Alan.

She had one appearance each from Seasons 10 to 12, and based on when we last saw her she was still at home, but then why was she absent almost completely for three years?

20 Alan's impossible alimony and child support

Judith sucking Alan’s funds dry became a focal point of her characterization and this was played for laughs by showing Alan in dire straits financially. It got to the point that Alan had to sign up for lab testing on humans where he showed severe reactions to unapproved medicines.

But then if someone is in such severe financial problems, they can easily show the court that they can’t realistically pay the alimony and child support; yet Alan continued to suffer and nothing was done about it.

19 Why Walden keeps Alan with him

When Walden first moved in at the beginning of Season 9, he was in a depressive state where he was ready to take his own life. Alan inadvertently saved Walden’s life and an appreciative Walden let him stay.

Within the same season, though, Walden’s life was back on track and he had no more use of Alan, yet the arrangement continued. Even bizarrely, by Season 10 Walden himself grew to basically dislike Alan and wanted him to move out, but Alan still never moved away.

18 Kandi and Lyndsey Getting Together

In Season 10, Alan’s long-time recurring girlfriend Lyndsey met his ex-wife Kandi, who had been absent since Season 4. The two would butt heads and Alan was stuck in the middle. When Lyndsey agreed to talk to Kandi, an out-of-nowhere event happened that saw the two women getting together in bed.

At no point were either women shown to be attracted to each other, or even any women for that matter. This sudden infidelity went unmentioned for the rest of the show; so what was the point of it?

17 Lyndsey pawning off Alan's ring

The second last episode of the series saw Alan proposing to Lyndsey and the latter agreeing to marry him. In the series finale, Lyndsey had no role to play and Alan even made a final move on Judith before setting for Lyndsey again.

Lyndsey herself didn’t care much as when she got off the phone from Alan she was shown pawning off the ring he gave her. However, the two never broke up, so why would Lyndsey pawning the ring if she intended to remain with Alan?

16 Jake's disappearance

After the actor made public comments over how the show had gotten too awful and wanted out, Jake was written off at the end of Season 10 as him going off in the army. He had been in the army during all of Season 10 as well but was in contact with both Alan and Walden.

After Season 10, however, Jake was close to never mentioned and when he showed up in the series finale Alan had no clue what Jake had been up to for two years. How come no one investigated his disappearance?

15 Why is Alan considered a loser with women?

Alan has definitely had his fair share of bad luck with women; some instances include him being kicked out with no clothes on, getting electrocuted by a woman being unfaithful to her husband, and being fed wrong kind of brownies by his girlfriend’s mother.

Yet, this doesn’t change the fact that he has had a lot of women for himself. Alan has hardly ever been alone, with a lot of women getting together with him. But the show still wants us to believe he’s perpetually lonely and gets no women.

14 Alan judging Charlie for being shallow

The Alan in earlier seasons had justification for judging Charlie’s ways of debauchery, but the one we saw in the latter part of the show was in many ways even worse than his ladies’ man elder brother. Whenever Alan got the chance, he would look to get with women using dishonest means; he was more jealous than judgmental of Charlie.

In one episode, Alan even got around to running a Ponzi scheme using the money of all his family, and the housemaid Berta. At least Charlie wasn’t a criminal.

13 the show wasn't about Two and a half men anymore

The show’s whole point had been that two men had a living situation with a child, thereby making the kid a “half man”. While they couldn’t do anything about Jake growing up, by the tenth season Jake was hardly in the show.

It basically became “Two Full Men” by this point. In Season 11, they introduced Charlie’s daughter Jenny as the third main character. But that doesn’t count either because Jenny isn’t a man at all. Shouldn’t it have been Two Full Men and a Woman?

12 How did Charlie know who Walden is?

When Charlie left his entrapment by Rose in the series finale, he made quick arrangements to get his affairs in order. Some of these included sending money to Jake and Jenny, but he also had it in it for Walden.

He made it clear he wanted revenge on Walden, before looking to confront him in the last scene. But how did Charlie know Walden was at all? The most he would find out would be his brother got a man to let him stay in the house; is that enough to know Walden’s identity?

11 Why did Charlie want revenge on Alan?

Just like he wanted revenge on Walden for some reason, Charlie had it in for his family members too. Their mother got a warning from Charlie that he was coming for her, even though she didn’t do anything to him, which caused her to flee.

Meanwhile, Alan had to go to the police to seek help against Charlie. But what exactly did Alan do that would warrant Charlie being after him? If anything, Alan kept his former home secure and had ensured he got a proper funeral.

10 How was Chuck Lorre in the finale in-universe?

The series finale became absolutely ridiculous as the minutes ticked by and became a full-on parody by the time the final scene ended. Although we had several tongue-in-cheek references such as Charlie Sheen’s real-world exploits within the dialogue, it got out of hand when the final shot had “Charlie” getting a piano dropped on him.

If you think that was ridiculous; the camera then panned back to reveal Chuck Lorre in a studio chair and turning back to say “Winning” to the audience and have a piano dropped on him too. How is all this explained in-universe?

9 Characters breaking the fourth wall

In later seasons, Two and a Half Men basically stopped trying to be funny and resorted to cheap humor like fart jokes or ridiculous elements. One of these had been a scenario where the future, extremely old versions of Walden and Alan were shown.

It got more absurd when one episode had Alan stare directly into the camera and ask the audience a question. If you thought this was an isolated incident, the finale had several scenes where characters broke the fourth wall and proclaimed their exasperation with the show.

8 Charlie's therapist was originally a child therapist

One of the finest points of the show was Charlie’s interactions with Dr. Linda Freeman. Charlie Sheen and Jane Lynch had amazing chemistry that would bring out the best in both characters in a rousing display of quick sarcastic exchanges.

Except, within the show, Linda Freeman couldn’t have been Charlie’s therapist. In her first appearance, she had been introduced as a strictly children’s psychiatrist, and she behaved in a bizarre manner with the adults. Following this, however, she became dry and sarcastic and was anything but eccentric.

7 Alan could've sued for malpractice

Back when Alan was supposed to be a Nice Guy with terrible family members, Charlie squandered his brother’s chances in court by getting together with his lawyer. Although Alan had pleaded him not to get involved, Charlie couldn’t control himself and ruined things further by angering the lawyer.

She, in turn, took it out on Alan and screwed him out of the divorce settlement. It was supposed to be funny, but highly illegal. Using real logic, Alan could have sued her for malpractice and had the situation settled.

6 Alan's short retirement

In one episode, Alan’s mother decides she wants to provide for Jake and has his future college tuition paid off. Alan realizes he no longer has any reason to earn money as he was earning to support Jake and pay off the divorce settlements. He then retired and took up hobbies such as surfing.

Later on, though, this retirement was never touched upon and Alan went back to struggling to pay for Jake’s bills. Did he forget his mother’s generous contribution?

5 The number of same actresses who have played different characters

Two and a Half Men had a particular class of women they liked to use – they all needed to have ample stuff to show off. Other than this, it seems continuity didn’t matter in the slightest. Charlie’s fiancé Chelsea’s actress had not one, but two earlier smaller roles before she returned as the character she’s most well-known for.

Walden’s wife Bridget was played by the actress who had earlier played Herb’s little sister. Jenna Elfman played a separate character and Dharma from Dharma & Greg later on.

4 Where did Louis go in the last episode?

Two and a Half Men sought to rectify the botched formula from Season 10 and 11 by having it return to the same format in Season 12. This was done by bringing in little Louis; son of both Alan and Walden.

The twelfth season had to do with the two friends pretending to be a loving married couple while raising Louis and all seemed to be in place until the final episode where the child wasn’t shown at all. Louis was nowhere in the house or anywhere Alan and Walden went. It was like he disappeared from existence.

3 Charlie's Reason For Breaking Up With Mia

Throughout his time on the show, Charlie Harper’s main motivation had been to throw Alan out and live by himself in peace again. He would hope Alan would somehow get back on his feet and move out, or himself have a reason to throw Alan out.

He got his chance when Mia agreed to marry him and start a wedded life; however, her condition to throw Alan out was a deal breaker and she and Charlie broke up. If that’s the case, why did Charlie keep crying about wanting Alan out of the house after that?

2 Jenny's Uncertain Existence

Jenny was introduced to bring the “Half men” aspect back to the show. Having her be Charlie’s daughter only made it seem closer to home and have a connection between her and Alan.

In-universe, though, this doesn’t make sense because Charlie was shown in his alone time mulling over the fact that he had no wife or children. We were told Charlie was well aware he had a daughter, but previous instances completely clash with this. Why would he think to himself he has no children if he knew had one?

1 There was no point to Alan and Walden's marriage

Season 12’s promise from Chuck Lorre had been that the show would become more sweet and charming as opposed to crude and ridiculous it had been since Walden’s introduction. Walden and Alan got married as part of the new storyline.

Yet, this had no bearing to the ending as they got divorced before the finale and were with women once again. More than that, they got married to adopt Louis, but the boy was nowhere to be found in the finale, making the whole story pointless.


Can you think of anything else that doesn't make sense about Two and a Half Men? Let us know in the comments!

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