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With the taping of the Two and Half Men season 9 premiere completed, details are beginning to leak out about the previously-rumored death of Charlie Sheen’s character, Charlie Harper – and they’re even more gruesome than originally thought.

In late July, it was reported that not only was Chuck Lorre set on killing off Harper from the series (to make sure that Sheen could never return), but that he was going to make the death, well, violent.

Originally, sources close to the series said that Lorre was set on having Harper drive off a cliff, but after the Two and a Half Men season 9 premiere taping, the real cause of death was revealed – and it’s much, much worse than a simple “cliff jump”:

Charlie is going to be murdered by being pushed in front of a subway car, and his body literally explodes from the impact.

According to those at the taping, here’s how Charlie Harper’s death happens:

  • In the Two and a Half Men season 8 finale, Harper flew off to Paris with Rose – his neighbor/stalker.
  • Harper and Rose got married (during the fictional summer), but the relationship took a turn for the worse when she found him with another woman in the shower.
  • The day after catching Harper in the shower with another woman, they were waiting for the Paris subway when Harper “slipped” in front of a moving car where his body blew apart upon impact.
  • It’s implied that Rose pushed Harper in front of the subway and got away with his murder.

Wait. Two and a Half Men is a comedic sitcom, right? How is murder, a graphic explanation of his death, and a funeral of the main character supposed to be funny? Or even humorous? Short answer: it’s not.

Not only will all of this "hilarious comedy" serve to present a deserving return to television, but then Ashton Kutcher must jump in as the "lonely internet billionaire" who buys Charlie's house after the funeral.

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You can check out a picture from Charlie Harper’s funeral set below (Jenny McCarthy and John Stamos will be in attendance at the funeral):

Charlie Harper's funeral - Two and a Half Men

When news first broke regarding Lorre’s intentions to kill Sheen, the fans of Two and a Half Men weren’t all too happy. Considering that news was only about driving off a cliff, one can rightly assume that their reaction to this will be much worse.

Fortunately, there’s at least one person that’s happy to hear about Charlie Harper exploding: Charlie Sheen.

Shortly after the news of his character’s death was revealed, Sheen told TMZ, "I am honored that it took something as large and violent as an oncoming train to terminate my character." Quickly adding, “Anything less would have been an insult!"

While this type of news is more-or-less fun to pick apart - outside of any direct regards to the development of a television series that hundreds are employed by - when one thinks about the path that Lorre has decided to take, it’s hard not to be concerned. For all of the problems that Sheen caused (and he caused many), he always noted that his intentions were to do the best show he could – and from all counts, that’s exactly what Sheen did (no matter what state he was in).

With Sheen gone and Ashton Kutcher taking his place, it appears that Lorre has forgone any type of logical plot progression – especially on a comedic sitcom. Instead of focusing on how to make the best series with what he has left – which is extremely hard in its own right – Lorre is taking unneeded risks in order to provide himself with some type of passive aggressive relief.

At a certain point, one has to ask this question: Is Lorre hurting the series more now than Sheen ever was in the past?

I think some would say “yes.“


Two and a Half Men season 9 premieres September 19 @9pm on CBS

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