‘Two and a Half Men’ Being Rebooted Without Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen - Two and a Half Men

Despite losing Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre is attempting to save his hit television series from cancellation by rebooting the franchise with a fresh new face, and a larger part for co-star Jon Cryer.

With CBS set to reveal their fall television line-up to advertisers this May, Chuck Lorre has finally revealed his Two and a Half Men reboot plans to the studio, network and, most importantly, the only “man” left in the series' title, Jon Cryer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, someone on the inside revealed that Lorre has told Cryer that the Two and a Half Men reboot would not only mean that his character would have a much larger role, but that they will also be introducing a “new, yet-to-be-cast character.”

Amidst the various Charlie Sheen/Two and a Half Men news out there, rumors have been circulating that there have been talks with Charlie Sheen to return to the series. While both Lorre and Warner Bros. have adamantly denied these rumors, CBS President Les Moonves has been known to overlook transgressions for the better good of his network (and bottom line). Still, Lorre has stated that there's no way Sheen will return.

At this point in time, neither CBS nor Warner Bros. have hinted whether Two and a Half Men will return for an eighth season - even with a reboot. That being said, good money says that it will return - if for no other reason than profitability. To this day, Two and a Half Men is still one of the most financially successful television series on the air.

Chuck Lorre and Charle Sheen - Two and a Half Men
Chuck Lorre and Charle Sheen

Of course, if (read: when) Two and a Half Men returns to the air, Lorre will still need to replace Sheen. Even though the television landscape is filled with attempts at replacing integral characters, nothing of this scale has been attempted before. In respect to Charlie Sheen’s talent as an actor: he is the reason why people tuned in to the series. Even with the title attempting to give credit to the two additional characters (or one and-a-half men), Charlie Sheen was the reason why people watched week to week.

While Lorre may believe he has a plan to continue the series’ success, it’s hard to believe that would be possible when the main attribute for its success, Charlie Sheen, is gone.

Despite many rumors, there aren’t any actors currently in the running to replace Sheen on Two and a Half Men. We’ll let you know as soon as that changes.


Expect Two and a Half Men to return (in some fore) this fall.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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