Two And A Half Men: 10 Questions About Bridget, Answered

Bridget Schmidt, to give her full name, is the former wife of Walden Schmidt, the good looking bloke played by Ashton Kutcher who buys Charlie's beach house, and becomes part of Jake and Alan's everyday existence.

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She's a strong woman, who borders on the psychotic at times - but adds some spice, neurosis and extreme 'woman power' to the series' narrative. The character is played by Judy Greer of Jurassic World and 27 Dresses fame. While she isn't one of the main characters, she does warrant attention with some of her more eccentric antics. Here are 10 questions which viewers might not know about the character of Bridget, and the answers.

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10 Undeniable attraction

Why was Walden, dashing looks and all, attracted to tempestuous Bridget? The series' narrative suggests that the character of Bridget has many similarities to Walden's mom.

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While most guys would deny being attracted to someone who is just like their mother, this is the prime reason Walden got married to Bridget, as the show suggests. Their marriage might have not lasted but it definitely got Walden to do some serious introspection.

9 No stranger to the show

Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer and Angus T Jones in Two and a Half Men

Why does she seem such a familiar face on the show? Actress Judy Greer stepped into Bridget Schmidt's shoes having already been familiar with the turf of Two And A Half Men. In 2007, the talented actress starred in the series as Myra, this time as one of Charlie's love interests. Fans might or might not have recognised her as being someone who had already been on the show but so much action happens in the series, it's easy to forget who is who. Stepping up as a main character, from starring in a minor role, was definitely a feather in the cap for the talented star.

8 Millionaire in the making

Why was Bridget smiling all the way to the bank after her divorce from Walden? Divorces can be traumatic and can require many years of recovery. However, Bridget's trauma and heartache from the divorce must've been somewhat alleviated by the enormous settlement she enjoyed following the divorce proceedings.

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To put 'enormous' into perspective - she was granted $600-million in the settlement. This amount of money is not to be sniffed at. So for Bridget, it paid off being a ‘surrogate mom’ to Walden all of those years.

7 An actress with credentials

Viewers might have wondered who stars as Bridget in the series? Bridget is played by Judy Greer. This American actress started her lucrative career as a star in TV commercials.

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She then landed a role in TV sitcom, Arrested Development. From there, it was the big screen for her, with titles like Jurassic World and 27 Dresses as a feather in her cap. Her role as Bridget comes after a lot of experience.

6 Tossing Walden to the side

It's hard to imagine how any flesh and blood female would abandon a man as good looking as Ashton Kutcher. So then why did Bridget leave Walden and why was she insistent on a divorce? In the series, when Walden and Alan visit Bridget's house to try and make amends, she turns on the electric gate, electrocuting the pair - making it quite clear that she doesn't want Walden back. Her reason is that he is too immature. Clearly Walden's good looks weren't enough. She wanted maturity too! This was the beginning of the end for the couple.

5 Double-minded

Can she be trusted to do as she says? As bent as Bridget might be on standing by her values and seeing to it that she is respected as a woman, she tends to go back on her decisions and viewers don’t know how to take her seriously. To give an example, she initiated divorce proceedings with Walden, after deciding he wasn’t mature enough for her. This moment of ‘woman empowerment’ was ended abruptly when she decided she wanted him back. One thing led to the next and she was eventually left humiliated when handed divorce papers by him – in bed.

4 Take that!

It is true that Bridget tends to take things to the extreme? Half-electrocuting Walden and Alan to death when they try to get into her property to make peace with her, by switching on her house’s electric fence, shows she can get a little carried away. Then there is the episode in which she literally drives her car into Walden’s beach house wall. This, after he presents her with their divorce papers, in bed, after an intimate moment between the two. She had reason to be angry but again, anger management is what it’s all about.

3 A loose cannon

Why do so many of the characters consider her a loose cannon? Let's face it, Bridget can be a mean girl and at times her behaviour doesn't make sense. Her choice to date Billy, Walden's former friend and business partner shows she can be a little hard-hearted. Her decision to jump from one friend to the next leaves a lot of tension between Walden and Billy - for obvious reasons. Still, Walden, Billy and Bridget manage to salvage a partnership for company Electric Suitcase, Inc. Miracles do happen!

2 A final good-bye

How does she exit the series? The final time fans see Bridget Schmidt she is in fact an illusion, or rather hallucination. In an episode entitled, 'I Changed My Mind About The Milk', she appears to Walden, who is in a drug-induced state. Here, she tells him that women leaving him is his real problem. Whether her 'visitation' gave him any real insight into his behaviour or not remains to be said. However, this is how fans said good-bye to Bridget Schmidt. Hopefully, this revelation set Walden on the path to healing.

1 On screen chemistry

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