Charlie Sheen Leaving 'Two and a Half Men?'

Charlie Sheen Leaving Two and a Half Men?

Charlie Sheen has become the highest paid actor in television thanks to the hit CBS comedy Two and a Half Men, reportedly banking himself an estimated $825,000 an EPISODE (I know...).

However, as People magazine reports, it looks like Sheen may be bringing his time on the show to a close.

Sources are saying that even though the network hoped Sheen would sign on for another season, he recently turned down that offer. The reason for Sheen supposedly not coming back? A nameless source from the set said - "Charlie's just done... and he’s quietly telling his friends he’s not coming back."

The taping of this season will finish a week from today and it's looking like Sheen won't sign a new contract for an eighth season. A friend of the actor said - "He wants to move on... Leaving is 100 percent his idea."

On the one hand it kind of makes sense that Sheen wants to move on to other things, since he's worked on the show since 2003 (can you believe it's been on for seven years?), but on the other hand, he's giving up a job that pays him almost a million dollars for ONE episode!

Having said that about the money, perhaps Sheen wanting to leave is a combination of working on the show for so long and what's been going on in his personal life. We're not a gossip site, but just in case you haven't heard: Sheen has been going through some things at home, including being charged with domestic violence charges by his wife Brooke Mueller, and even entering rehab recently (he still returns there every night after work).

Nothing is for sure yet and CBS has stated that they don't comment on contractual issues. But a source close to the show says, "negotiations are ongoing and nothing has been determined."

What if Sheen leaves the show? Surely it wouldn't be able to go on without him. I mean, he's a source of a lot of the humor and his sleazeball behavior is a major part of it. Besides, they would have to change it to "One and a Half Men" which just doesn't have the same ring to it...

I'm a big fan of the show (I've been reading around and I don't get a lot of the dislike/hate for it) and I would be sad to see Charlie Sheen leave.

Are you a fan of Two and a Half Men? Would you be sad if Sheen left the show?

We'll keep you in the loop as to whether Sheen actually leaves the show or not.

Source: People and EW

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