Comic-Con 2011: Francis Ford Coppola's Twixt Live Panel

Twixt Comic-Con

Francis Ford Coppola's recently finished horror film, Twixt, has arrived at Comic-Con. This marks yet another legendary filmmaker embarking on the journey to San Diego to showcase their work to rabid fans - Steven Spielberg presented Tintin yesterday.

Formerly known as Twixt Now And Sunrise, the film is in post-production so hopefully we will get some footage and a trailer. The only thing we've seen to date is a behind-the-scenes image of Coppola and Elle Fanning prepping for a scene. See the image below.

It feels like a huge treat to see Coppola at Comic-Con as he rarely shows his movies off like this. The classic director is a secretive man whose panel will be interesting as we don't know his style in a huge environment like Hall H. Let's just say he hasn't always been the most outgoing filmmaker - but he is no Terrence Malick.

Elle Fanning, Val Kilmer and Bruce Dern star in the film that explores a writer's unique experience as he searches for his next tale. Based on previous rumblings, it sounds like a fantastical adventure.

Twixt is scheduled for a late 2011 release.

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