Twitter Learns To Speak Klingon

So I'll be the first to admit that I'm something of a "tweetard." I understand the basic premise of Twitter, but if you follow me (all 10 of you) or if I follow you (does that sound stalkerish?) then you're probably already familiar with my propensity for sending half-written messages that I often forget don't work quite like the instant messaging threads I know and love.

Well apparently nowadays you can Tweet in another language, even if you only speak a da English (go HERE to check that out). But of course, for those who use Twitter all day everyday, tweeting a foreign language would be BOR-ING.

So what do Twitter fanatics want - why tweets in alien languages of course! And what better dialect to start with than the melodic, almost poetic flow of the Klingon language!

Thank Slash Film for pointing us toward the appropiately named Tweet In Klingon website. Go there and write your first official Klingon tweet (a "Kleet?") and you'll have a Facebook-style request for the application to be implemented into your Twitter account. Once you accept, you'll be swearing blood oaths and declaring vengeance on your enemies in no time.

Is this application at all useful? Does the word "cool" apply to it in any sense? Negative. But the word "fun" sure does (at least if you're a Star Trek fan). And, if you have enough willing co-participants, you can pass secret messages or broadcast your opinion to world and have it only be accessible to an esoteric few.

Seems like it would defeat the purpose of Twitter (letting the whole world know your every trivial thought and opinion), but hey, who cares what I think?

The site was reportedly a co-venture byFrinds2Friend and Cryptic Studios - and no worries, your Klingon tweets are convertible back to philistine English if you just HAVE to convey a message to someone who is untrained in intergalatic lingo.

If you're interested... what are you still doing reading this? Head on over to the site and get Kleeting already!

Source: Tweet In Klingon via Slash Film

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