Twitter Users Are Sharing Funny & Kind Celebrity Stories

Amid the seemingly endless flurry of stories about famous people abusing their power in horrible ways, one Twitter user looking for some positivity has sparked an outpouring of stories about celebrities being kind.

The list of Hollywood power players who are embroiled in sexual abuse scandals continues to grow on an almost daily basis. Following earth shaking revelations about the horrific behavior of producer Harvey Weinstein, the floodgates seemed to open. House of Cards star Kevin Spacey, director James Toback, and comedian Louis CK were all implicated in cases ranging from sexual harassment to rape. The breadth of these abuses is still being fully revealed, as are the consequences these men will face. Spacey, who has been accused of sexual assault against several minors, has been fired from House of Cards and removed from his upcoming film All The Money In The World. CK's upcoming film I Love You, Daddy has been shelved, and his relationship with HBO appears to be over. A dark cloud hangs not only over the entertainment industry, but virtually every major institution where men hold great power, as America endures a necessary cultural reckoning around how it treats sexual misconduct.

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Fortunately though, not everyone in Hollywood is a monster. Twitter user BAKOOONN asked people for positive stories about famous people, and the response has been overwhelming:

if anyone has any nice allegations against a celebrity that would be great too. does a famous actor give good christmas presents. does lady comedian alwyays smoke people out

— BAKOAN (@BAKKOOONN) November 9, 2017

Celebrities who were name checked as being gracious and kind included Danny DeVito, David Tennant, Michael Keaton, Allison Janney, Robin Williams, and many, many more. Check out some of the best stories below:

i was an extra in a movie with Michael Keaton. He played frisbee with us, took pictures, and signed my friend's Batman DVD

— Thanksgiving, but bean to bar (@McLeemz) November 9, 2017

David Tennant not only graciously accepted an academic paper from a random fan in the Richard II stage door line but actually read it and sent me an appreciative note about it

— the cold genius (@angevin2) November 9, 2017

robin williams was the nicest, most compassionate celebrity I ever had the pleasure of knowing in person. personally saw him threaten to beat the hell out of some rando harassing a homeless person in the ocean district six or so years ago

— Dimsdale! (@caylenb) November 9, 2017

Allison Janney is literally the nicest woman in the universe. met her at the stagedoor of Six Degrees of Seperation, she took time to have a real convo with every single fan, take pics, etc.

— merry kaitmas ??? (@kaitymarzik) November 10, 2017

The thread is massive, but worth reading through. It's a nice, necessary reminder that the entertainment industry is like any other field, full of both good and bad people, and while we're enduring a much needed era of transparency regarding the very real problem of rampant sexual predation in Hollywood, it's okay to take a moment to remember those people are a severe minority. Hollywood will rightly be dealing with this ongoing reckoning likely for years to come, and it seems almost impossible that we've seen the last beloved star brought down by these sort of allegations. In times like this, it's a considerable comfort to occasionally indulge in feel good stories like these, to acknowledge that most people in Hollywood are just as horrified by the current scandals as the rest of us are. Hollywood will have to lean on the reputations of people like this if it's going to eventually earn back the public's trust that it's a safe working environment for the most vulnerable and powerless.

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