Twitch Streamer Responds to Investigations After Throwing Cat

Alinity Divine Twitch Streamer Throws Cat

Canadian Twitch broadcaster Natalia "Alinity Divine" Mogollon issued an apology earlier this week for her on-stream treament of her pet cat, who she was seen throwing over her chair out of frustration during a game of Apex Legends. The clip immediately went viral for all the wrong reasons, culminating in viewers and those who had seen the clip after the fact reporting her to animal rights charity PETA and the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

Mogollon's hometown Saskatoon SPCA issued a statement on Twitter that revealed it was investigating her for animal cruelty, while PETA proposed removing Mogollon from Twitch altogether in an effort to "take a stand for cats." While neither the investigation or the plea from PETA have resulted in consequences for Mogollon just yet, she's become infamous for the clip, which has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and has become closely associated with her persona. Those investigating Mogollon's treatment of animals were also quick to point out a prior stream from the broadcaster that showed her sharing alcohol with her cat, a substance that is toxic to felines in extremely small amounts and can result in death.

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Mogollon responded to the accusations of animal abuse on Twitter, admitting that she doesn't hold a grudge against the people publicly railing against her because they "believe they are doing the right thing." She has since posted on social media apologizing for her actions, and stated earlier in the week that she would be inviting the Saskatoon SPCA into her home to check in on her pets - Mogollon appears to own three cats and one dog, according to the post she shared about the SPCA.

While the situation remains unresolved, however, Mogollon has had to deal with strangers attempting to come to her house or asking her neighbors where she is. It's another example of how a well-meaning movement - attempting to protect animals from harm - can quickly degenerate into a witch hunt on the internet. Given that Mogollon has been publicly apologetic, has invited the SPCA to investigate her home, and has since remained cooperative in discussing the incidents on camera, it's hard to fathom why people still feel as though they need to step over these boundaries.

The online persona of Alinity Divine might be tarnished because of the incident, but at the very least, the person behind that construction has been willing to engage with all the proper channels to resolve any possibilities of animal abuse. While the results of the SPCA investigation remain to be seen, Mogollon has taken the very first steps in making up for a horrible moment caught on camera. She's been targeted for online harassment in the past and that negativity seemed largely because she was a woman, so hopefully the current situation isn't being fueled by the same motivation and it is resolved as well as it can be without further incident.

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