• Twitch announced its next big platform event today... 1 / 8

  • the form of Twitch Sells Out, a celebration of Amazon Prime Day this year. 2 / 8

    Twitch Sells Out Logo Vertical
  • The event will gather some of the most popular streamers on the platform for a live shopping show... 3 / 8

    Twitch Sells Out Demonstration Vertical
  • ...where they'll play host to some big deals on gaming, tech, and other specific items. 4 / 8

    Twitch Phone Vertical
  • Twitch Sells Out will take place on July 15 between 10am-10pm PT, and on July 16 in the same timeframe. 5 / 8

    Twitch Logo No Text Vertical
  • It's some much needed, light-hearted fanfare for the platform... 6 / 8

    Twitch Hoodie Vertical
  • ...which is currently under some heavy criticism for the introduction of Subscriber Streams earlier this week. 7 / 8

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