'Twins' Sequel 'Triplets' To Be Scripted By 'Book of Mormon' Stars

The 'Twins' sequel 'Triplets' (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy) will be written by 'Book of Mormon' stars Ryan Dixon and Josh Gad.

Book of Mormon stars hired to script Twins sequel Triplets

The Legend of Conan isn't the only example of a 1980s relic that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be revisiting in his attempt at a second-act Hollywood career. Ah-nuld also has a sequel in the works to Ivan Reitman's high-concept comedy Twins, titled Triplets, which will reunite him with Danny DeVito in the story of a pair of genetically-engineered siblings who discover late in life they have another brother (Eddie Murphy, no pun). No, this isn't an elaborate April Fools' prank, as many believed when the news first broke earlier this year.

If you're still struggling to believe this is more than a hoax perpetuated by the movie blogosphere (trust us, we know where you're coming from), the latest update on Triplets won't do much to change your mind - seeing how, according to Deadline, Universal has hired The Book of Mormon stage musical stars Josh Gad and Ryan Dixon to pen the story treatment for the sequel (with Dixon writing the actual script). Moreover, the site is confirming that Schwarzenegger, DeVito, and Murphy are all attached to star - with Reitman currently onboard as a producer, but not a director (though, depending on whether or not Ghostbusters 3 actually begins shooting next year, that could change).

Dixon, as it were, is the co-showrunner and star of Gigi: Almost American; though, the Tony-award nominee is known foremost as an actor, with his resume including appearances on the TV series Woke Up Dead and Californication, as well as the films Love and Other Drugs, 21, and the upcoming sex addiction dramedy Thanks for Sharing. That's to say: make what you will of his resume (and how well it bodes for him being hired on to write Triplets).

[caption id="attachment_163097" align="aligncenter" width="569"] Only their mother can tell them apart[/caption]

Schwarzenegger has spoken before about the followup to Twins (including, briefly during the Q&A portion of the Expendables 2 Comic-Con panel), saying:

“I can see a poster… A billboard with us three. ‘They found another one!’ ‘Triplets!’ ‘Only their mother can tell them apart!’ I would do that in two seconds, because that’s real entertainment. You come out with that movie for Christmas, like December 5th or something like that, and you’re home free.”

That sentiment pretty much expresses Triplets in a nutshell. No one denies it's a ridiculous proposition - one that turns off many people just by being mentioned - but it's also the unabashed goofiness of the premise that has many of our readers (and even some members of the Screen Rant editorial staff) wondering if this could indeed prove to be a so-crazy-it's-brilliant scenario. If it doesn't, well, that's not exactly going to shock anyone, is it?

More on Triplets as the story develops. Until then you can catch Schwarzenegger onscreen in upcoming action flicks like The Last Stand, The Tomb, and Ten.


Source: Deadline

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