Twin Peaks Revival Teaser: Agent Cooper Returns

Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is coming back in May thanks to Showtime, but right now we know almost nothing about what is set to go down when David Lynch brings his enigmatic town back to life. But does anyone really want to know any spoilers about Twin Peaks? If there's one show that should be shrouded in layer upon layer of mystery, it's this one.

Twin Peaks fans may love the mystery to remain until the show returns, but in the meantime, it is actually necessary to promote the show and give folks at least a little taste of what is in store. One small taste has now been released, and it's a teaser in the truest sense.

In an exceptionally brief but very atmospheric clip shared via the Twin Peaks YouTube channel, we find out almost nothing about what is going to happen on the revival. Here's what we do get: A slowed-down, even more sinister version of the iconic deep dark reverb guitar heavy theme song; some evocative and very Lynchian images of fog in the trees, silvery branches in the night, a spooky shot moving along a dirt road; and, lastly, a single shot of Agent Dale Cooper stepping out of the shadows, looking somewhat serious and pensive. And then the famous sign saying "Welcome to Twin Peaks."

Amusingly enough, David Lynch actually gave a description of the teaser while talking about the show during his brief appearance at the TCA Winter Press Tour (though no one knew it at the time):

“Well, in the beginning, many years ago, we were, Mark and I, as if lost in the wilderness, as it always is in the beginning, and then we seemed to find some mountain, and we begin to climb, and when we rounded the mountain, we entered a deep forest, and going through the forest for a time, the trees began to thin. And when we came out of the woods, we discovered this small town called Twin Peaks...”

Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks

Lynch gave zero details about Twin Peaks during his talk at TCA and the teaser doesn't exactly flesh things out either. What we know is that the show will be back in May, it will be closed-ended (in other words, there will be no more Twin Peaks after this), the soundtrack will feature a new Eddie Vedder song and events in the infamous Twin Peaks movie Fire Walk With Me will be addressed. Lynch himself will be back on-screen as his hearing-impaired Gordon Cole character.

We've known for awhile that the new Twin Peaks would center around the return of Agent Cooper as played by Kyle MacLachlan, but actually seeing MacLachlan in his Cooper garb with the notes of the theme song playing can only kick the excitement level up a notch. MacLachlan is obviously a lot older than he was in the early '90s when the show and movie came out, but he doesn't look much different. We'll see what changes have happened in Cooper's life when the show makes its big return.

Ultimately, fans will likely wonder whether the Twin Peaks revival is something that stands by itself as a compelling, strange and wonderful mystery like the original series, or whether it will just be a chance to nostalgically revisit something that was important to a lot of people once upon a time. With Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost at the helm, one has to believe this will be more than just a trip down memory lane. Lynch has had a couple decades to think about the world he created with Twin Peaks and will no doubt have a lot of new, bizarre and possibly disturbing elements to add to that universe.

Twin Peaks premieres Sunday, May 21 @9pm on Showtime.

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