Twin Peaks Teasers: It's Happening Again

Twin Peaks in the Red Room

David Lynch is taking fans back to Twin Peaks with a close-ended 18-episode season set to begin airing in May. So far, several teasers have been released for the Twin Peaks revival and they have all been teasers in the most literal sense. They tease the upcoming series, but that's about all.

At some point, you have to believe some actual information is going to trickle out about what will happen in the new season. Or maybe just a few snippets of footage will be released. Just enough to whet the fans' appetite. So far, very little has been revealed. And it doesn't look like much more will be coming ahead of the show's premiere.

Unfortunately for Twin Peaks fans who crave hints about where David Lynch and Mark Frost are taking the story, the two new teasers that were just released offer nothing in the way of new footage or even basic clues about plot. The first teaser shows the familiar close-up of Laura Palmer's lifeless face after her plastic-wrapped body has been fished out of the river followed by a promise that "it's happening again." The second teaser takes us back to the enigmatic ending of season 2 when Dale Cooper cracked a mirror with his face and we saw a reflection of Killer Bob, indicating that this was not the real Cooper but his evil double. Then we see that same shot of Kyle MacLachlan coming out of the shadows that was debuted in an earlier teaser.

Interestingly enough, Showtime has also put out a trailer for the infamous Twin Peaks movie Fire Walk With Me, which will run on the network on March 1 as an early tune-up for the revival. Lynch has already said that events in Fire Walk With Me will be "important" to the new season. Most of that movie was a prequel that showed what happened to Laura Palmer in the days leading up to her murder, but there was one scene where Laura seemed to receive a message from the future telling her that the "good" Cooper was trapped in the Black Lodge. Presumably, "good" Cooper has remained in the Black Lodge for 25 years while his "bad" double walks around in the real world.

At this point fans could try to guess what might happen with Cooper, but almost anything they could concoct would likely fall far short of what Lynch's imagination has cooked up. If ever there was a show that demanded a "wait-and-see" attitude, it's Twin Peaks. Lynch has spent an entire career confounding people's expectations.

Some think Lynch deliberately made season 2 of Twin Peaks as confusing and bizarre as possible just to teach a lesson to folks who expected a satisfying and pat conclusion. Does Lynch owe fans a "satisfying" wrap-up to Twin Peaks, or is his only responsibility to his own vision as an artist? With an auteur like Lynch, the best approach might be to put all expectations aside and just go along for the ride, even if that ride takes you straight into utter confusion.

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Twin Peaks will premiere on Sunday, May 21, 2017 @9pm on Showtime.

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