Twin Peaks: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved

Twin Peaks is one of those shows where unresolved storylines are part of its main appeal. Co-created by film maestro David Lynch the series surrounds itself in mystery, both in terms of its plot and its viewing experience. Fans discuss, to no end, the countless number of double meanings, hidden messages and weaving plot-lines spread throughout the show.

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While part of the point of Twin Peaks is to keep its audience in the dark, this list looks at some of the most discussed questions and the parts we'd like to learn more about should there be a fourth season. Spoilers for each season ahead!

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10 Is Twin Peaks In A Time Loop?

One of David Lynch's trademarks is non-linear storytelling with scenes being presented in no clear order whatsoever. It's not surprising that the latest season saw time behaving in a strange way. But was it behaving even more strangely than usual? Many of the same characters, like Ed and Norma, seemed to be repeating their storylines from the original season but with an added weariness that seemed to suggest they were doomed to repeat yet again. Also eagle-eyed fans spotted a shot where one character's actions were repeated on a very short loop, as though playing back footage. If Twin Peaks is in a time loop we certainly want more evidence!

9 Buenos Aires

The Argentinian capital has been mentioned a few times in Peaks lore; previous FBI agents have had missions there. But in the latest season the show finally went there, albeit only for about two minutes of screen time. We see a shot of a box with a small shape in it that suddenly shrinks and then pops into nothing. This could be a red herring but at the same time this could be confirmation that the South American city is affected by a similar evil presence to Twin Peaks.

8 Where Is Josie Packard?

A love interest for the original seasons' Police Chief Harry Truman, Josie came with her own background of mystery and intrigue. She was involved in an insurance scam and could be connected to various dead bodies. She was a top person of interest until she mysteriously disappeared in the Great Northern Hotel, apparently trapped in the doorknob of a bedside drawer. The latest season made no mention of Josie but we still don't know what happened to her. Where did she go? What's happened to her since she disappeared? She could be holding a lot of information and for that reason finding out what happened is of ever increasing importance.

7 What Was Happening To Jerry Horne?

One of the strangest storylines in the latest season was Jerry Horne, brother to Twin Peaks' richest man Ben Horne, freaking out in the woods. He would crop up occasionally either running or hiding or talking to his toes (which answer back!) until he eventually ran into Mr. C, the season's Big Bad. This could just be a delightful moment of happenstance where an eccentric guy on a drug trip accidentally helped, but fans know that weird things happen in those woods. It's likely that again he could have seen something, gained information and gone mad because of it, it would just be great to know what it was!

6 Where Is Audrey?

The latest season of Twin Peaks had fans clamoring to know what happened to Audrey Horne whose fate had been left on such a cliffhanger. After 12 episodes she finally appears but it doesn't seem like the Audrey we know and love. She's seen talking to someone who may be her therapist or who may be her husband, she's looking for someone but it seems she can't leave her house to search. Very upsetting for fans who were concerned for her, only to be made all the worse by Lynch revealing at the last second that she may be trapped in an alternate dimension. If there is another season then they just have to reveal where Audrey is!

5 Is Sarah Palmer Something Special?

The mother of murder victim Laura Palmer has always been known to be connected to some kind of magic. She's been known to have visions but this season really turned it up a notch. In one episode, which takes place in the 1950s and many believe could be an origin story for Sarah, we see a little girl swallow a bug we know to have been sent to earth from the other side. If it is Sarah then her character got a lot more significant not least because one of the last things we see her do is take off her own face to scare an aggressive barfly. Who or what is Sarah, and are we right to not trust her?

4 What Is Laura?

Let alone Sarah this season all but confirmed that Laura Palmer may not be of this world. A lot of the original season was asking why Laura got so much attention and why people thought her to be special. This season introduced a new character in The Experiment, a strange and terrifying faceless creature with inverted arms. This creature was linked immediately to Laura because of her famous line "Sometimes my arms bend back". Sherrilyn Fenn, who plays Laura, is famous for her almost demonic screams, could this be because Laura Palmer is actually this twisted, creepy creature The Experiment?

3 Will We Meet Miss Judy?

The name Miss Judy has always had a strange atmosphere around it ever since David Bowie started screaming about her before disappearing into nothing in the Twin Peaks movie. There is a theory that Miss Judy rules over the dark side of humanity, or even that the entire show is set in a dark alternative earth again ruled by Miss Judy. There's so much mystery around her her name need only be mentioned to get theories flying. Enough attention was given to her this season that we hope more will be resolved in the future.

2 What Year Is It?

Those who have seen the new season know that the final line brings dread, disappointment and even more mystery. When clueless and helpless Agent Dale Cooper asks "what year is it?" it seems a last-ditch effort to keep on top of the never-ending strangness.  While frustrating it could be another clue that there's more work to be done, with several theories cropping up that Dale has finally done what he's always imagined; crossing to a different dimension. A dimension where Laura's murder never happened but where time runs differently. If there is another season it's likely to be set in this other dimension so hopefully this mystery may be resolved quickly.

1 Can Laura Be Saved?

One of the most satisfying moments of the latest season was seeing Dale Cooper travel back in time to finally save Laura before the night of her murder. Of course this then sends him to the possible alternate dimension described above, where Laura is alive but clearly still not okay. Along with the theory that Laura could be The Experiment and Twin Peaks is in a time loop, perhaps Laura cannot ever be saved. Instead, Cooper's job is simply to try and save her over and over again. A bleak outlook certainly but perhaps also a great starting point to build drama for a new season?

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