Twin Peaks Teaser Brings Back David Lynch as Gordon

David Lynch as Gordon Cole in Twin Peaks

Showtime announced the return of Twin Peaks more than two years ago, in October of 2014. Since then, the series has seen the departure (and return) of co-creator David Lynch, the return of many favorite actors and several new recruits, and the secretive production of all the new episodes. But there hasn’t been a trailer, or any major amount of footage from the new series, which is scheduled to debut on Showtime at some point in the spring.

There have been some teasers released in recent months, but very little has been released in terms of actual footage from the series. However, the series did release something intriguing recently that teased the return of not only David Lynch but also the character he played on the series.

Showtime released a new teaser featuring Lynch in character as Gordon Cole, eating a donut, under the headline “David Lynch returns as Gordon Cole.” The 32-second clip features Angelo Badalamenti’s theme from the series, albeit in a slowed-down version. The clip of Lynch eating is followed by the “Welcome to Twin Peaks” sign, the phrase “The Return,” and “coming 2017.”

David Lynch as Gordon Cole in Twin Peaks

Gordon Cole was a character Lynch played on both the original series and in the 1992 movie Fire Walk With Me. An infrequent guest star on the series, Cole was an FBI higher-up and Agent Cooper’s immediate supervisor. Always wearing hearing aids, Cole spoke loudly but suddenly has his hearing back whenever he's around Shelly the waitress (Madchen Amick), with whom he was in love. Cole is visibly wearing hearing aids in the clip, even though Shelly is scheduled to return in the new season.

The new teaser doesn't offer much in the way of exact details about the new series, its plot, or how it will connect to the previous two seasons and the aforementioned Fire Walk With Me. The only thing anyone can be sure of with this brief clip is that Gordon Cole appears, and that he eats a donut -- or at least he does in the promo. The site Welcome to Twin Peaks speculated that since the teaser was released at 9pm on a Sunday, that’s an indication of the day of the week and time Twin Peaks will air when it returns -- that is typically when Showtime premieres new episodes of hour-long shows. Cryptic, yes, but certainly in keeping with Twin Peaks tradition.

Twin Peaks returns on Showtime sometime in the spring of 2017, although there’s no official release date yet.

Source: Showtime

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