Twin Peaks: The Biggest Unanswered Questions

Kyle MacLachlan in Twin Peaks

It was always going to be unreasonable to expect that Twin Peaks: The Return would actually answer all of the questions we'd been harboring for the past 25 years. The fact that any of them were answered was a minor miracle. We now know who Diane is, where Phillip Jeffries has got to, and what happened to Dale Cooper after he entered the Lodge.

However, the return of Twin Peaks also brought with it even more questions, and the finale left us all scratching our heads. Below, we've rounded up the biggest unanswered questions from the season, and some of our guesses as to what it could all mean. If anyone knows, or would like to guess at the answers themselves, please go ahead.

The Little Things

Let's start with the small issues, that just didn't get answered at all. Why is Jacoby making those gold shovels and selling them in infomercials? Why is Nadine such a big fan? Minor points like these have precisely no bearing on the overall arc of Twin Peaks, and yet, if those bizarre moments didn't happen, we wouldn't love the show as much as we do. There will never be an answer to the shovel business; it just is what it is.

But what of some of the characters storylines that we never got answers to? That's perhaps a little more frustrating, because it would be nice to know if Becky was okay, for example. Are we to assume she's dead inside the trailer? Did Steven shoot himself in the woods? Is Shelley ever going to find happiness or is she going to keep on making the same mistakes over and over? Actually, we already know the answer to that one.

More importantly, where is Wally Brando? Michael Cera stole the show with his cameo as Lucy and Andy's son. While he's not the type of character who could have stuck around and played an important part, it would have been nice to see him once more. Still, his dharma is the road.

The joy of Twin Peaks has always been the delicate balance of the real, the supernatural, comedy, drama and horror, and Lynch has always executed that perfectly. Frustratingly, it's almost like he ran out of time with some of the smaller plotlines, or just forgot to wrap them up entirely. Of course, that's understandable when you realize there's so much more he didn't wrap up, either.

Where is Audrey?

Sherylin Fenn was woefully underused in The Return, and Audrey really didn't seem like Audrey at all. Presumably, this is because the Audrey we saw on screen, stuck in a hateful relationship with Charles and mother to the evil Richard, is not actually the Audrey we know from Twin Peaks seasons 1 and 2.

The last time we saw her, she was standing in a white room someplace, and that Audrey actually seemed like Audrey, but where is the room? Is she in an asylum or secure hospital somewhere? Is she in a white lodge, maybe? Here's a theory on the whole madness of The Return; when Monica Belluci asked us "Who is the dreamer?" is the correct answer actually Audrey? Have we been viewing everything through her eyes? Is The Return actually what she is experiencing while in a coma, or something? Guess what? We'll probably never know.

Who is Billy?

Continuing with the Audrey theme; she frequently mentions Billy, whom we are led to assume is her lover, but we never actually meet him. This screaming, wailing, haranguing Audrey who continually throws Billy in Charles' face is a stark contrast to the Audrey we remember, and once again lends credence to the theory that she's not really Audrey. As for Billy; could he be the battered, drooling man languishing in Twin Peaks jail? Very possibly, since there's no explanation for that character at all other than him existing to annoy the other inmates. And if that is the case, then who on earth put him in that state and why hasn't Deputy Hawk or Sheriff Truman, who both seem like decent men, gotten him the medical attention he needs?

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