Twin Peaks Season 3 Teaser Contains New Footage of the Town

Twin Peaks Revival Poster - Laura Palmer (cropped)

A new teaser Twin Peaks Season 3 gives fans some new footage. It's less than a month until David Lynch's super-weird TV show returns with a new 18-hour run on Showtime, and still there's not been any plot details about the show. Lynch and company have been deliberately secretive about what happens in the revival series, allowing only a few cryptic teasers and only the most secretive of image reveals to come out.

Yet another teaser has now been released and fans looking for clues about plot will be sorely disappointed. Like many of the previously-released clips, this trailer avoids showing any characters or even hinting at what goes on in the story, while gently tickling fans' sense of nostalgia.

Unlike many of the previous clips, this new one does at least feature new footage, though it's all footage of locations without any actors. Essentially, the teaser is a series of establishing shots: first we see the famous red-draped Black Lodge with that wild zig-zaggy floor; then the exterior of the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department; next the neon sign from the Bang Bang Bar (aka the Roadhouse) reflected in a puddle; followed by Norma Jennings' Double R Diner (Norma and Shelly still work there as far as we know); and then it's all rounded off with a random shot of trees and fog.

David Lynch - Twin Peaks

The final two images are perhaps the most provocative and interesting. First, we see a shot of the Fat Trout trailer park, a location that figured heavily in the prequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me; the Fat Trout was where Leland Palmer/Bob's victim Teresa Banks lived before her murder, and where Agent Chet Desmond (Chris Isaak) disappeared after finding Banks' ring. Though the trailer park is clearly included in the revival, Isaak is not listed as part of the cast, so it appears Desmond does not return from wherever he ended up after vanishing.

In the final image of the clip, we see the front of Laura Palmer's house, shot from inside a parked car. The image is notably more voyeuristic and creepy than the other shots in the teaser and indicates that despite Laura and her possessed father Leland being long in their graves, strange things are still going on in the vicinity of the Palmer residence. Sheryl Lee and Ray Wise are both back for the revival so we should see Laura and Leland again, even if only in their Black Lodge incarnations.

Fitting of how good Lynch and his cast have been at keeping secrets, the teaser is more a tonal exercise than a narrative one; even seeing places like Fat Trout or the Palmer house is creepy rather than enlightening. Fans will have to wait until Twin Peaks returns on May 21st to find out more.

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