Twin Peaks: Throwbacks and References You Might Have Missed

Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks

Iconic Moments Recreated

Laura Palmer is still in the Red Room, along with Agent Cooper. Like Cooper, she is still in the same clothes. She also still talks in Lynch’s reverse speech pattern, and even says Laura’s iconic line “I feel like I know her, but sometimes my arms bend back.”

Laura’s line isn’t the only iconic moment we see recreated though; Cooper sees a white horse while he’s in the Black Lodge- possibly the same horse Sarah Palmer saw all those years ago. Then there’s the owls, which are not what they seem. An owl flying overhead alerts Agent Cooper (as Dougie) to his presence in part 4, but we’ve already been reminded in parts 1 and 2, that the owls are not what they seem.

Blue Rose

Donald Sinclair Davis, who played Major Briggs in Twin Peaks, died in 2008. Still, he made an appearance in season 3 part 2, as a head, chanting the words “blue rose” to Cooper while he was in the Red Room.

In Fire Walk With Me, Agent Chester Desmond and Stan Stanley are given intelligence from a woman, through interpretive dance and mime. We’re not kidding, that’s a real thing that happened. The agents decipher every clue except one - Blue Rose. They’re baffled, and the clue is never solved. Since then, Twin Peaks fans have figured out that Blue Rose is used to refer to a supernatural case that can’t be solved. Fast forward to part 4, and Agents Cole and Rosenfield refer to the strange reappearance of Agent Cooper as “Blue Rose.”

Dougie’s Ring

Kyle MacLaclan as Dougie in Twin Peaks Season 3

In part 3, we become aware that there are 3 Coopers. There’s Agent Cooper, stuck in the Red Room. He’s the nice one that we all love. Then there’s evil Cooper (Mr. C), the one with the flowing locks and evil heart, who seems to be the Cooper that’s possessed by BOB. There’s also Dougie. We don’t really get to see the real Dougie for long (except he was never real in the first place, but still); he’s just been with a prostitute and as she goes to take a shower, his arm turns numb, he vomits on the floor, and then disappears.

It seems as though bad Cooper (or BOB) has created Dougie, somehow, because he knows that in order for Agent Cooper to leave the Red Room, one of the other Coopers has to return. That plan seems to work. Dougie is wearing a Jade ring on his finger, and in Fire Walk With Me, it’s revealed that the Jade ring either keeps the wearer safe, or kills them. Sadly, it’s the latter for Dougie. Interestingly, Teresa Banks and Laura Palmer both wore that ring and had numbness in their arms right before they died, too. Where’s the ring now, though? Is anyone else wearing it?

Deputy Hawk

“If ever I’m lost, I hope you’re the man they send to find me.” So says Agent Cooper to Deputy Hawk at the end of Twin Peaks season 2. Perhaps it’s fitting, then, that Log Lady instructs Hawk to take another look at the Laura Palmer files. Something is missing, and Agent Cooper has been gone 25 years. Will Hawk eventually be the one to bring him back? And by that, we mean will he find the real Agent Cooper, now currently living his life as Dougie Jones? Hawk has been a fan favorite for all of Twin Peaks; solid, steady, dependable and with an intuition and acceptance of the paranormal that most small town Sheriffs do not have. Maybe his mind will be open enough to finally figure the puzzle out.

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