'Twin Peaks' Revival Season Length Increasing to 18 Episodes

Twin Peaks - Dale Cooper

What a difference a few weeks can make in the high pressure world of Hollywood. Not too long ago, reports surfaced that Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch had opted to leave Showtime's upcoming revival of the legendarily quirky drama due to a financial dispute. This announcement understandably left Twin Peaks fans stunned, with many feeling that the project shouldn't go forward without one of its primary creative minds at the helm. Showtime apparently agreed, as the network recently came to terms on a deal both it and Lynch were happy with.

As if that wasn't enough good news for one month, Twin Peaks star Sherilyn Fenn has now confirmed that the series' third season has doubled in size, and will consist of 18 episodes. While an increased episode order had been reported along with the news that Lynch had agreed to return, fans will no doubt be pleasantly surprised that the amount of Peaks' signature brand of wackiness that they have to look forward to has jumped up so substantially.

Fenn dropped this bombshell during a recent joint convention appearance with Peaks co-star Sheryl Lee, and that wasn't the only behind the scenes factoid she revealed. In a move sure to please series devotees, original Peaks composer - and frequent Lynch collaborator - Angelo Badalamenti is (at least somewhat) returning to the fold. While it isn't 100% confirmed that Badalamenti will be providing new material, there are at least plans to re-use his classic theme song and previously composed scores.

Also revealed during Fenn and Lee's convention stop was the fact that the original location used for Twin Peaks' famous Double R Diner is being refurbished for use in the show's revival season. That development will no doubt please Kyle McLachlan's Agent Dale Cooper, as he's sure to want a slice of their home-made pie and damn fine cups of coffee shortly after returning to the titular mountain town.

Twin Peaks - Opening Credits

While reviving old TV shows is hardly a new practice, it's a choice that it seems more and more networks and studios are making as of late. The X-Files is coming back next year. Coach is getting a new season starring an elderly Haden Fox. D.J. and Stephanie Tanner are soon to occupy a Fuller House.

However, Twin Peaks will be the first of this recent crop of revivals to test whether a small, yet rabid cult fanbase can be trusted to come back with the same fervor they demonstrated decades prior. Shows like The X-Files, Coach, and Full House were all demographic spanning, mainstream hits in their day. Those are all fairly safe bets in the grand scheme, but Twin Peaks is a different animal. While it's well regarded overall, its flame of cultural omnipresence burned ever so briefly, with most of the mass audience running for the hill once Laura Palmer's murder was solved.

Can Twin Peaks recapture that lightning it once held in a bottle? Or would the series be better left stranded in The Black Lodge?

Twin Peaks season three premieres on Showtime in 2016.

Source: SlashFilm

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