Twin Peaks Season 3: The Most Important Answers & Reveals

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The Twin Peaks season 3 finale seemed to provoke one reaction from its viewers more than any other: "What the hell just happened?"

This being Twin Peaks, of course, no one is really too sure, but David Lynch and Mark Frost certainly delivered 18 episodes of a TV show that dared to be different from anything else that's on our screens right now. As viewers, Twin Peaks forced us to ask endless questions, and most of them were never answered. Surprisingly, Twin Peaks did manage to give answers to some of the questions that have been lingering since the show originally aired, and there were also some big reveals along the way. We've attempted to round them all up for you below. However, this is Twin Peaks, so everything is, of course, open to your own interpretation.

Multiple Coopers

Kyle MacLachlan as Dougie Jones in Twin Peaks

The question of what exactly happened to Dale Cooper was answered pretty early on in the season, though the exact nature of what went on isn't exactly clear. We know that after Cooper was possessed by Evil Bob and went into the Black Lodge, an evil doppelganger appeared. Evil Cooper escaped, while the real Cooper remained trapped in the Lodge. Meanwhile, Dougie Jones was also created by Evil Cooper, and made a life for himself with his wife and son. Dougie wasn't doing so well in life - he was cheating on his wife, down on his financial luck, and generally a sleazeball. But when he and the real Cooper switched places, Dougie Jones ceased to exist within the realms of the Lodge, leaving everyone to assume that the brain-damaged Cooper was actually Dougie. It took Cooper electrocuting himself to make him finally wake up properly and realize exactly who he was, where he was, and why he was there.

Who is Special Agent Dale Cooper? In his own words, "I am the FBI." Twin Peaks fans cheered, but Cooper's journey was far from over. Firstly, there was the evil Cooper to destroy, which eventually happened in episode 17, then there was the Jones family to sort; they got their happy ending and all seemed well. As for Agent Cooper... well, thanks to the finale, no one's really quite sure where he is or what he's doing, least of all, Copper himself.

Diane is a Real Person!

Twin Peaks Laura Dern Diane Tulpa

Throughout all of Twin Peaks seasons 1 and 2, Cooper talked endlessly to his secretary, Diane, via his dictaphone. This led many to assume that Diane was the machine, since we never saw a real person assuming that role; either that, or she was a figment of Cooper's imagination. Either way, we assumed we'd never see a person on screen, and we didn't, until season 3. Played by Laura Dern (who else?), 'Diane' was a chain-smoking, whiskey-drinking, ultra sophisticated woman with a predilection for saying "f**k you." Only, as we later discovered, Diane wasn't Diane at all, but merely another tulpa (that's Twin Peaks speak for doppelganger), created by evil Cooper. Albert had guessed this, though, and his quick thinking meant he managed to shoot her just before she shot him, sending Diane back to the Lodge where she promptly exploded.

But this isn't the end of the road for the real Diane or her evil doppelganger. After evil Cooper and BOB is defeated, the eyeless Naido (who has been languishing in Twin Peaks Jail) makes her way over to Cooper and is revealed to be Diane. Hurrah! Only... then things get really weird. Diane and Cooper take off together, crossing some kind of electrified border. They stop at a motel, have the most awkward sex, and Diane sees her doppelganger standing outside. So which is which? We will probably never know. And why is Diane dressed like she belongs in the Lodge? Again, we have no answers for that, either.

Phillip Jeffries Still Exists

David Bowie as Phillip Jeffries Twin Peaks

A bit of a sad one, this. Originally played by David Bowie, Phillip Jeffries was a big character in the Twin Peaks movie, Fire Walk With Me. It's rumored that Lynch wanted Bowie to be in the revival, too, and that Bowie was all for it. Sadly he passed away before that could happen, but that didn't stop Lynch from finding an ingenious way of bringing the character back. Bowie himself appeared in a couple of flashbacks, but it was mentioned several times that Jeffries had disappeared. Well now we know what became of him, because Evil Cooper went to visit him. Phillip Jeffries is now a giant tea kettle.

No, we don't have any explanation or answers, but the tea kettle did serve the purpose of bringing back the character that was so integral to Fire Walk With Me, in a unique and interesting way. Gordon Cole also reveals a very interesting piece of knowledge that Jeffries holds; he knows who Judy is.

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