Twin Peaks Casts Amanda Seyfried for Season 3

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The forthcoming Twin Peaks season 3 has gone through some significant stumbles so far in its pre-production stages at Showtime. After stepping down from the project for a short time amidst discussions surrounding the continuation of the franchise, co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost have since signed back on to film a total of 18 episodes. Those episodes were originally set to premiere sometime in 2017, though that may end up being sooner, now that production is set to begin.

Coming some 25 years after the second season aired on ABC, fans of Lynch's serialized drama no doubt have more than a few questions that the 1992 feature film Fire Walk with Me failed to answer. The new run of episodes will reportedly attempt to address some of those queries, though the latest casting news has it that the titular small town will have at least one new face amid the many mysteries yet to be resolved.

According to a report from TVLine, Amanda Seyfried will portray a pivotal new character, though exact details regarding her role on the show are unknown at this time. It is being reported, however, that Seyfried will appear in multiple episodes, leading some to speculate that her character has a connection to FBI agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan). Of course, she could also simply be passing through  town, a perfectly ordinary young woman who is just looking for a slice of pie and a damn fine cup of coffee.

Whatever Seyfried's role, Lynch and Frost must have a pretty good idea, as the pair have already written all 18 episodes of the series. As for what other established and fan-favorite characters will be appearing when the series returns, Showtime network president David Nevins stated at the Television Critics Association press tour in August that viewers, "Should be optimistic that the people that [they] want [back] will be there, and [that] there will be some surprises in addition."

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Given that MacLachlan is already a lock for the show's return, Nevin's assurances suggest that more mainstays will be announced shortly, as the show moves deeper into production. Before long, Seyfried and MacLachlan won't be the only stars fans can look forward to seeing when the investigation into the murder of Laura Palmer continues to unravel.

For many, the debut of the third season of Lynch and Frost's surreal mystery-thriller can't come soon enough, and casting Seyfried will only serve to heighten viewer anticipation and intrigue surrounding the series' pre-established penchant for surprising turns and unexpected character developments.

Twin Peaks season 3 is expected to air on Showtime sometime in 2017.

Source: TVLine

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