Twin Peaks Cast Tease Showtime's Revival Season in New Video

Twin Peaks cast talk Showtime revival

It’s been just over two years since the shocking announcement that the beloved cult series Twin Peaks would be revived, a quarter century after it last aired, on Showtime. Since then, much has happened: Co-creator David Lynch stepped away from the project, but then returned. The planned release was pushed back from the original plan of 2016. Eventually, the season was filmed, with an expansive list of new guest stars and given a new ETA of spring 2017.

Now, the return of Twin Peaks the TV series is plausibly just a matter of months away. Although we have only been brief teasers of the show's new season thus far, a new video features the series' cast discussing the long-awaited return of Twin Peaks.

The official Twin Peaks YouTube channel has released a video (see above) in which the show’s cast, old and new, talks about returning to the town in rural Washington - where Laura Palmer’s body washed up more than 25 years ago.

In the video, Kyle McLachlan and other actors discuss that they had been hearing rumors for awhile that the show could be coming back, and that David Lynch himself eventually told Miguel Ferrer “They’re all true.” The actors also discuss the “freshness” of revisiting old locations and getting to see their old colleagues again after such a long time. The video features McLachlan, Ferrer, Dana Ashbrook, James Marshall Kimmy Robertson and Harry Goaz from the original cast, as well as new faces Jim Belushi, Amy Shiels, Robert Knepper and Chrysta Bell. And while there isn’t a lot revealed in terms of plot, Ferrer promises that “It’s a big cast, it’s a big story, big things happen.”

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So, can Twin Peaks recapture the magic, all this time later? It’s certainly encouraging that the original co-creators (Lynch and Mark Frost) are back, as is composer Angelo Badalamenti and most of the original cast and a large roster of talented actors coming to the show for the first time. And while the original was set in 1990, a lot of elements of the show, from the diners-and-apple-pie Americana to the supernatural parts, are relatively timeless.

On the other hand, Lynch hasn’t exactly created anything great in the past decade or so, and these long-after-the-fact reboots of late have had something of a mixed track record. Either way, it’s hard to imagine anyone who’s obsessed over Twin Peaks in the last 25 years resisting the chance to check out its return next year.

Twin Peaks will return on Showtime in 2017, although an official premiere date has yet to be announced.

Source: Showtime

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