Twin Peaks Revival Cast Adds Naomi Watts and Tom Sizemore

Naomi Watts and Tom Sizemore have reportedly joined the cast of Showtime's Twin Peaks revival, while David Lynch will reprise his recurring role.

Birdman's Naomi Watts joins Twin Peaks cast

Showtime's upcoming Twin Peaks revival has certainly hit a few bumps in the road along the way; most notably when creator David Lynch stepped down from the project - news that fans of the show hoped had derived from Lynch's doppelgänger, causing them and the Twin Peaks cast members to rally together and launch a campaign for his return. As a result, he and co-creator Mark Frost agreed to a deal that saw them double the original number of episodes planned to 18.

Following this initial set back, though, the project has picked up pace and the production is making significant progress by the week. The latest update on the series revival reveals that Twin Peaks has added ever more star power to its already noteworthy ensemble cast.

Deadline is reporting that two-time Oscar nominee Naomi Watts and Golden Globe nominee Tom Sizemore are joining fellow big name additions Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Laura Dern in the Twin Peaks revival cast. All of the listed cast members are set to play new characters alongside the show's returning original cast members.

Birdman's Naomi Watts joins Twin Peaks cast
Naomi Watts in Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Naomi Watts is no stranger to Lynch's unique directorial style; she received her big break playing dual roles in the classic Mulholland Drive in 2001. Then the duo teamed up again when she appeared in a cameo role, voicing Suzie Rabbit, in the mystery thriller Inland Empire in 2006. Whereas Tom Sizemore rose to prominence in the early 1990s, establishing himself as the quintessential 'tough guy', starring in such films as True Romance, Natural Born Killers and Black Hawk Down. However, its arguable that his recent work hasn't been quite as prolific, so perhaps this will be a second shot at success for him.

There have been no further details about their Twin Peaks character debuts, but one interesting theory currently making the rounds is that Watts is lined up to reprise one of her characters from Mulholland Drive, especially since the film was originally pitched as a Audrey Horne centered spin-off of the cult classic television show. Sizemore's involvement hasn't fueled such fan theories, but fans should be assured as Lynch has a talent for casting older forgotten Hollywood actors to bring them back into the spotlight.

The Red Road's Tom Sizemore joins Twin Peaks cast
Tom Sizemore in The Red Road

Last, but by no means least, in the latest cast news update - David Lynch is rumoured to be reprising his recurring role from the original Twin Peaks series as the inordinately loud and enunciated FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole. We just hope that you will join us in raising your damn fine cup of coffee to that!

Other series veterans set to make a return in the Twin Peaks revival include Kyle MacLachlan as the series star Special Agent Dale Cooper, Sherilyn Fenn (who played the trouble-making teen Audrey Horne), as well as Sheryl Lee - who has been photographed on the set as Laura Palmer, the character central to the show's original mystery in the first place.

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Twin Peaks season 3 is expected to premiere on Showtime in 'early' 2017.

Source: Deadline

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