No New Season of Twin Peaks Planned Yet

Showtime says there are no plans at the present time to continue Twin Peaks beyond the current season, but network executives say the door is always open to David Lynch if he wants to do more. Twin Peaks came back to the world on the cable network in late May, garnering solid streaming numbers and resulting in a record number of sign-ups for the premium service.

Fans didn't know exactly what to expect when David Lynch revealed that he was bringing his iconic series Twin Peaks back to the air after 25 years away. Showtime executives teased the series by calling it the "pure heroin" version of Lynch and that is what the show has delivered, for better or for worse. Alternately baffling, horrifying, delightful and frustrating, Twin Peaks has done more than just revisit the characters and themes Lynch introduced 25 years ago, but has opened up a whole new expansive world permeated by a quintessentially Lynchian sense of mystery and weirdness.

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Twin Peaks: The Return was always sold as a closed-ended event that would wrap up the story once and for all - and according to Showtime president and CEO David Nevins, there is still no intention to continue beyond the present season, which is nearing the end of its 18-episode run (via Deadline):

“It was always intended to be one season. A lot of people are speculating but there’s been zero contemplation, zero discussions other than fans asking me about it.”

Showtime programming president Gary Levine said "the door's always open to David Lynch" but stressed that he doesn't know if the director wants to continue the show. Lynch himself directed all 18 episodes of the revival, an achievement Levine calls a "Herculean effort."

The original Twin Peaks was a revolutionary show that inspired many of the creators who've shaped television over the last 25 years. Not content to merely take a casual stroll down memory lane, Lynch has crafted a revival series that challenges viewers in entirely new and unpredictable ways, unleashing the full force of his avant garde vision onto television screens while retaining his quirky sense of humor (though with a darker, seemingly more misanthropic tinge). While the show has delivered many answers left hanging since the original series, even explaining the origins of the evil BOB, it has created just as many new questions for fans to chew on (What is really up with Diane? Did Audrey fall down the stairs and suffer a massive head injury? Why does Sarah Palmer have a TV that plays old boxing matches on an endless loop?).

Lynch has been so successful in reviving the spirit of Twin Peaks while adding whole new layers of baffling mystery, giving fans much of what they wanted while at the same time holding back on many key elements in order to generate a sense of agonizing on-going suspense, it's no surprise that folks are clamoring for the show to continue beyond the present season. Showtime says there are no plans for more Twin Peaks beyond season 3, but those who don't want to let go of the mystery will never believe that the portal back to Lynch's bizarre world has been entirely closed.

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Twin Peaks: The Return continues with 'Part 14' on Sunday, August 13th.

Source: Deadline

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