Twin Peaks Creator Explains The Return's Ending

Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost explains the storytelling logic behind the conclusion to season 3, aka. Twin Peaks: The Return.

Kyle MacLachlan and Laura Dern in Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost has offered some food for thought on the conclusion to Twin Peaks: The Return (aka. season 3). The show's were equally shocked and delighted when it was first announced that Frost and David Lynch were returning to the world they created for a third season - something that Lynch himself had ruled out for twenty years. Twin Peaks was originally cancelled after two seasons, in the wake of declining ratings and audience backlash. This was doubly frustrating to the loyal fans of the show, since season 2 ended on a huge cliffhanger.

A prequel film dubbed Fire Walk With Me then followed in 1992, which looked at the final week of Laura Palmer’s life. While the film has been reappraised now, it received poor reviews at the time and was a bomb financially. Lynch seemingly had no interest in ever returning to the show, but when Frost pitched him a killer concept for a third season, he jumped right back into Twin Peaks and helmed all eighteen episodes of the revival. Those hoping for a neat ending would be left wanting though, as the final episode posed far more questions than answers.

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In an interview with Empire Magazine, Frost opened up a little about the logic behind the final scene of The Return. This ending finds Cooper and Diane travelling to another reality to find Laura Palmer - and discovering a world they no longer know:

Kyle MacLachlan and Sheryl Lee in Twin Peaks

"Cooper feels some sense of duty to undertake this last quest for Laura. He's driven by it, and goes to great lengths to pursue it. And he encounters truly mortal danger, not just physically, but perhaps metaphysically. There are echoes of classic mythological themes. It's Orpheus descending into the Underworld. You are playing with deep, profound, mysterious forces that will have unintended consequences. In the old mythology, as a mortal, to cross into the realm of what was thought of as the gods', meant you risked everything. That's what we're seeing happen here."

If Twin Peaks truly ends with The Return, then the season's final scene will likely be debated and picked apart by the fanbase for decades to come. Shortly after it aired, there were already numerous theories online exploring its meaning, which is likely the response Lynch and Frost were hoping to provoke. While this confusing ending upset some viewers, it makes a certain amount of sense for Twin Peaks to leave audiences wanting more.

That said, neither Lynch nor Frost have ruled out the idea of another season. Since Twin Peaks: The Return required over four years of intense work to put together, it seems both men would like a long break from the show for now. It would great if more episodes of Twin Peaks eventually happens, but fans will likely have to wait awhile before that happens (assuming it ever does happen).

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Source: Empire Magazine

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