Twin Peaks Video Recaps Previous Seasons & Fire Walk With Me

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A new video provides a recap on what happen before on Twin Peaks. One of the most frustrating things that happens in the world of television is when the final episode of a show ends on a cliffhanger. When a mystery is left unsolved, it denies fans the satisfaction of learning the truth and getting the answers they so desperately wanted and waited for. Some shows have turned to other media such as comic books or films to provide a conclusion. Others have tried to switch networks, or pushed DVD sales in the hopes of getting picked back up.

Twin Peaks was a show known for its mystery. Taking the concept of a small town full of secrets and turning it on its ear with elements of fantasy, the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer lingered beyond the first season and all the way through the first third of season 2. The second season ended with a new cliffhanger - Agent Dale Cooper possessed by the evil entity Bob - and the show never returned. David Lynch did create a follow-up film not long after - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. However, the movie was more prequel than sequel and only confirmed that the real Cooper was trapped in the Black Lodge. In the 25 years since, his fate has remained a mystery.

But Twin Peaks is coming back, with a sequel series. Much of the original Twin Peaks cast has returned to continue the tale, and now fans might finally get to see what happened to Cooper and the other denizens of the strange little town. In order to prepare the audience, a recap video - seen above - has been released by Showtime from footage of the original series and Fire Walk With Me.

Twin Peaks in the Red Room

The video opens with some of the series' first scenes - lumberjack Pete Martell calling the local police after discovering the dead body of teenager Laura Palmer and Sheriff Harry Truman examining her body before informing her father. This is followed by clips of several townspeople, including Laura's friend Donna and secret boyfriend James, reacting to news of her death. The first shot of Agent Cooper shows him driving into the town and recording notes on the tape recorder he affectionately refers to as Diane. Cooper's first meeting with Dr. Jacobi and the beginning of his investigation follow, with Cooper finding a small letter R under Laura's nail and Truman realizing that Cooper knows more than he first said.

When the police find Laura's diary, that is when some of the clips from Fire Walk With Me start to mix in, as the contents of Laura's diary provided the prequel's main story. Cooper's hunt for the one-armed man is introduced and quickly concluded with Mike's arrest. Mike explains that the other name Cooper found in the diary - Bob - has to possess others. Bob's human host - a secret for much of the show - is revealed as Laura's father Leland.

The next clips deal with The Black Lodge - a place outside our dimension. Laura narrates a dream she had, of whispering to Cooper in the red room of the Black Lodge. An event that was not really a dream after all. This cuts to Bob attacking Laura, and her realizing that Bob is also her father. Next is Leland's interrogation, where Bob says a threatening goodbye both to and through his host. Most of the rest of season 2 is left out, except for the moment when Bob was revealed to be now in possession of Cooper. A series of images and characters are shown, along with the words "Prepare to Return" and then the title.

There's no new footage in these clips. But for those who have not watched the original series or Fire Walk With Me in awhile, it's a good recap of the most important events that will surely help fans catch up before the new series premieres. There is also a reminder that both of the existing seasons and the movie are available for those who want to watch again - or for the very first time.

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Twin Peaks premieres on May 21 at 9 pm on Showtime.

Source: Showtime

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