Last year, fans were stunned when series creators David Lynch and Mark Frost announced that after two decades, they would be returning to Twin Peaks. Rumors have circled about a possible resurrection of the series for years, but for one reason or another, it seemed that fans’ time with the mountain town’s residents was well and truly over. Right up until the moment that Showtime went all-in on airing a brand new, 9-episode season.

If that wasn’t enough, the deal came with confirmation that Lynch and Frost will personally write and produce every episode, and that Lynch will step behind the camera as director for the entire season. Today, another crucial piece of the Twin Peaks puzzle was filled in, as series star Kyle McLachlan revealed that he would return as Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Premiering in the spring of 1990, Twin Peaks created a cultural phenomenon in a way that few network TV dramas have done before or since, captivating audiences with the twists, turns, and curve balls thrown at Agent Cooper during his investigation of Laura Palmer’s brutal murder. Outside of the central mystery itself, viewers found themselves entranced by the general undercurrent of Lynchian weirdness running through Twin Peaks’ veins, never knowing what oddball detour the show would venture off into next.

While the initial 9-episode season was indeed a smash success, Twin Peaks would sadly not be able to maintain those highs for too much longer. With a full 22-episode second season came network and studio pressure to reveal the identity of Laura Palmer’s killer. Lynch and Frost resisted, but eventually were badgered into wrapping up the mystery.


With its driving plotline resolved, Twin Peaks’ momentum seemed to leave it like a deflating balloon, with ratings levels dropping steadily as season two progressed and then came to a close. Still, while the general public jumped off the bandwagon, Twin Peaks’ cult of followers remained, always hopeful that they’d one day get to have one more ‘damn fine cup of coffee’ with Lynch.


Twin Peaks Reboot Cooper Kyle MacLachlan Kyle MacLachlans Agent Dale Cooper Returning to Twin Peaks

Of course, those familiar with how season two of Twin Peaks ended may very well fine themselves wondering just what type of future storyline awaits Dale Cooper. In the second season finale (spoiler for a 25-year-old show incoming), Cooper heads inside the mysterious Black Lodge, and emerges possessed by the spirit of the malevolent demonic entity known only as BOB.

The actual creative direction of Twin Peaks season three is still known only to Lynch and Frost, who have yet to clarify any plot details outside of the fact that the revival will be set in present day. With it being over two decades since season two ended, will Cooper still be inhabited by the dark spirit of BOB? Will he have somehow managed to function as a FBI Agent in disguise for all those years? Or will Lynch and Frost instead choose to have Cooper begin season three back to normal, having somehow overcome the demon’s grip on his soul?

The beauty of all these questions is that in the town of Twin Peaks, any possible answer could end up being true.

Twin Peaks Season Three shoots later this year, and premieres on Showtime in 2016.

Source: Deadline

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